Changing profile soon. It would be nice to know that I still have a few readers. Maybe I will have a few more readers after Colin is born. Angela is in a good mood this morning after I fed her pork chops and bacon mixed into the omelette along with tomatoes and Mozarella cheese!
I was hungry after getting up very early, 620, and decided to not go back to sleep. The blue surf was so beautiful and the cancerous sun isn't so high to completely burn you like crisp bacon.
Yesterday, I had some cat's claw and slippery elm. They are both making me feel better and more virile! We will have to get Angela on the pill immediately because a young mother, Rhiannon, was telling me that she got pregnant instantly when her husband failed to pull out!
I don't want to get snipped!

Now I am paying for it feeling sleepy. I think that if I get up early and go to bed early my patterns will be much better for the baby!

This is the old profile:

"This is a personal creative non-fiction journal about a traveller and his canine soulmate.
He sees the waning warmth of humans through his puppy's eyes.

Buffy is staying with my in laws. The Aussies are so much warmer and now I will be seeing the world through Colin's eyes

He thought much of our country's warmth went dormant when Bush stole the election again!

It looks like Obama will win but I wouldn't put anything past Karl Rove!

Some of my angry readers suffering from overinflated egos might actually think that I might be writing about them on this blog! This site is pure creative fiction! Get a life, please!"

I guess that I could say that we have succesfully escaped the okie zone and bringing a child into this world definitely out of the comfort zone!


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