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Right wing rascist rednecks want to kill Obama!


It is so weird! Last night, Angela and I were talking about how Obama should easily win the election unless he get assasinated and it will be probably right wing extremists! How prophetic.

It is so scary in America how crazy folks and Mexican drug lords can so easily get firearms for mass killings. Michael Moore was right. It is safer in Canada. It's far safer here. It is much more difficult to acquire fire arms in Oz! That is a big reason why I want our son to live and grow up here. The US is falling apart and is in serious decline and fall. I much prefer for my taxes to go for medical care and infrastructure that the people use rather than for some stupid endless wars for a non renewable resource and to help the military industrial complex get rich!

The neocon party has incited dumb gun toting rednecks to carry out acts like this. If you listen to Palin's speeches about Obama being a terroris…

Maybe I ought to cash in my traveller's checks and quit procrastinating in regards to filling out the medical claims...I almost wish that this happened a few months later where I barely drew even!!...but when you do an exchange you lose several cents of the dollar, so I might be lucky to pay 67cents for an Aussie buck instead of the real value of 61 cents!
Imagine that instead of paying $4 for a beer I'd only be paying 2.40..
(which is still a little high in the states and then depending on the hypoglemic mood of the angry intimidating bartendress, she might think me cheap for only giving her the remainder of the dollar as tip!
I hope that you angry bartendresses don't take it personally, but that is one of the great things here...Aussies don't have to tip because it's actually worked into the price...bartenders make at least $20/hour which is great for bums and bummettes right out of high school!! Don't get me started on…

Entfliehen Sie dem Okie-Zone !

It's cool that Germans and folks all around the world are checking out my site

This is the way my site looks translated into German!

Today was another gorgeous day in paradise, waking up even earlier at 6... why miss out on such gorgeous waves?? I swam and just took it all in! We are so lucky to live right on the beach with this Galaxies hot gorgeous star smiling at us every morning as she shimmers over the ocean!

In three days, we will probably be parents! That reality still hasn't sunk in. Tanya, the checkout girl at the Grower's Market asked if I was still scared and I of course, said , "Yes!"
This is a very rough draft of the most epiphenous day on the GOld Coast...I am very herbalized and inebriated from Queensland’s 4x beer! I have so many ideas to write about and so little time to tell you about them!

700 am: seeing the whales in the calmest water after the was like a lake in early morning...
My angel and I saw the whales cavorting just beyond the intermittent shark nets laid out sporadically along our gorgeous gold goast!! We watched and videotaped them with glee as
the playground unfolded before us on the sea

8am: swimming in the most turquoise blue water contemplating severe disability as a result of my neck being broken in the tumble of the waves

9am: Angela gives a sigh,
“I’m tired of being a hippo. I’m getting on birth control”
As she anxiously await the induced birth on Tuesday or Wednesday…
“I can’t wait for Colin to come out!”
So I’m fixin brekkie
“I’m hungry, Garvald!

She sighs again…
After discovering my mate put another charge on her way overdue credit card
Thank you so much, LA! You really made my day and now I am so happy that I can chat with my 2 or 3 regular readers!! What would I do without her help in regards to my favorite hobby...writing to you on this blog!!

I am looking at the stormy but blue turqoise surf come right up to our backyard of dune vegetation!! The water is the highest that I've seen! (global warming)... A parasurfer is fearlessly flying and surfing down the coast.
I even risked my neck in this surf and it took me about a kilometer down the beach faster than I could run the distance! I attempted to body surf a wave after taking a long time to get past the powerful first two sets of waves! The wave dumped me into the deep water(fortunately it wasn't shallow while I tumbled around like a tiny ant.
I decided to stay calm and just enjoy the experience ..
then a while later out of breath I came up and calmly swam in...
My neck is a little sore, so I will rub a little glucosamine and capsicum ointment into it!!

We are g…
"By learning from the example of our winged guides, all of us can feel empowered to take on daring challenges as we chart adventurous courses. Feel the strength of others moving alongside you, as their presence lends power to your wings during this journey across the sky of life. When buffeted by unexpected gusts, we can choose to find refuge in the loving shelter of friends and family. We may even marvel as an otherwise difficult day passes by like a swift wind, as a kindred spirit charts a way for us through the clouds and rain ahead. If your wings begin to ache on your journey, look around for somebody else to fly at the front for a while. All of us move faster when we move together. Let your ego drop earthwards as we all soar ever higher.
What do you think?"
October 22: slackitude
The act of, or state of being a slacker. Describes the attitude typically associated with being a slacker. Most appropriately applies to one with no responsibilities, one that gets by pretending to be hard at work, or the co-worker that is found hanging out near the coffee machine for most of the day.
ie: "I just can't tolerate that guy's slackitude! If I were his manager, I'd sack him, no doubt."

comment on this definition
I thought that I would add my definition of prograsstination:
Smoking too much herb early in the day causes one to feel like talking and writing for hours instead of working on daily survival needs for the family!

I would love for my blog to get published even though I get about 2-5 readers out there...
It is so frustrating when today is Angela's due date and I cannot even tell you about it...
We have the digital camera but both of has a lot of slackitude when it comes to sitting down and figuring out to work the camera...
Changing profile soon. It would be nice to know that I still have a few readers. Maybe I will have a few more readers after Colin is born. Angela is in a good mood this morning after I fed her pork chops and bacon mixed into the omelette along with tomatoes and Mozarella cheese!
I was hungry after getting up very early, 620, and decided to not go back to sleep. The blue surf was so beautiful and the cancerous sun isn't so high to completely burn you like crisp bacon.
Yesterday, I had some cat's claw and slippery elm. They are both making me feel better and more virile! We will have to get Angela on the pill immediately because a young mother, Rhiannon, was telling me that she got pregnant instantly when her husband failed to pull out!
I don't want to get snipped!

Now I am paying for it feeling sleepy. I think that if I get up early and go to bed early my patterns will be much better for the baby!

This is the old profile:

"This is a personal creative non-fiction journal abou…
My blog is not being published. I'm frustrated because I can't talk about our birth.

There was an ironman contest today going on outside our favorite beach. The race started with a 32 km paddle on from Surfer's to Coolangatta. They then swim a few kms to Burleigh and then run about 11 km back To Surfers!

There is always activity going on outside our windows. I am going to start working out with lifeguards a few times each week.

I would also love to substitute here. They pay teachers $300 per day!



"A 2.3m great white shark was pulled ashore at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast about 12.30pm (AEST) Friday after getting caught in a shark net."

Yesterday, I was swimming from Nobby Beach up to Mermaid Beach, when I heard the speaker from the lifeguard. I didn't realize that he was probably yelling at me.
I saw the life guard swimming on the rescue board up to the orange buoy further out in the surf. I thought that he was just fixing the orange buoy and had no idea that a shark became tangled with the anchor tied to it. Fortunately, they alway bait the bouys so that if sharks come close they will go for the bait. Otherwise, the shark could have gone for me while I was swimming with the current along the shore for a km or 2

wow!! that is so amazing, that I was so close to a killer from the deep..
The lifeguard told me that…

Letter back to the States!

Sounds like life is all good for the T family! Did Angela have the babe yet? I can't wait to hear how the birthing process goes

Things are great.,M!..I just went for a km swim this morning before making lunch for us..
It’s so easy when the current is very strong. I did the same yesterday with Angela walking on the beach along the shore trying to keep up holding a towel for me. Then we walked back against the strong wind. I am looking at the surf now out the window beyond the dunes protected by the indigenous beach plants. Depending on low or high tide, it’s only about half a football field away from my daily run to body surf in the waves! I'm in great shape now. My blood pressure has come down significantly to 112/72!

...I am definitely thinking of you guys and hoping that everything goes as planned!

We are planning on having a water birth but Angela wants to have an epidural as a back up in case she has a panic attack. The hospital, John Flynn, is a first class hospital that is t…
Sometimes it is so challenging not to feeling overwhelmed with the reality of fatherhood, but it sure helps looking at the full moon shine over the surf from our second floor perch!

We have just started watching "Ironman" so I will chat with you in a little bit...
I am looking out the window at the beautiful surf with a cool ocean breeze blowing on my face while I stare at the computer..I guess my concern now is how much sun tan I need to put on before I finally go for a swim...There is much less protection from the ozone layer over here..
Angel notices all the freckles on my face and how dark my back is getting!

We went shopping at a discount fair yesterday with a couple who were at the birthing classes with us..
We bought a jogging stroller, a bassinette, a baby bjorn carrier (it carries the baby on our stomachs if his neck is strong enough or we wait a month or two for him to get a little bigger) and a bunch of baby clothes!
We negotiated and saved several hundred dollars!
Other relationships would often get mad when I negotiated, but Angel has learned more about getting the most for our dollars and actually is happy about it!
We couldn't have bought these items without their help of our new friends since we don't have automobiles..Kees is…
We went to a birthing class for the second saturday at John Flynn Hospital. I feel good that we are getting the first class care at this hospital. We are both getting very anxious knowing that we are less than two weeks away from our son's scheduled birthdate on October 23rd. A lot of people I know were born in October. Alene was born on the 18th. My new stepson, John, was born on the 29th. He wants him to be born on the same day and I think that would be a more realistic time.

I don't feel very motivated to write and coincidentally, I have run out of the herb. That seems to motivate me much more to write. Maybe, If I know that this rambling could somehow turn into a book, I would write more!

We are so excited about him being born in Australia ..
we love this beach life!
there is the best tasting fruit within close walking distance at the Grower's Market..
I can swim in my backyard every morning...
we look outside and see this wonderful view every morning...
we will be able to …

How many in this declining country believe this crap??

This is from the right wing fascist neoconservative site The scary thing is that probably a third of the brainwashed right wing fundamentalists really believe this. They actually think Bush prevented WW3!

this is from one of their loyal local idiots that will never get kicked of newsbusturds as long as he spews brainwashed rush limblob inspired fascist thinking!

Obama is evil, through and through (important, read on)October 8, 2008 - 00:28 ET by wdhorning

"President Bush helped to stop WW III by ordering troops into Iraq, a war Obama opposed (read on).
Look at what Iran is doing today. It is spinning up its yellowcake for the obvious purpose of making nuclear weapons.
Had Obama been president in 2003, instead of Bush, we would have nevergone into Iraq. Instead, Saddam would have soon kicked the IAEA out,and right now be spinning up his 600 tons of yellow cake, just like in Iran. (And 600 tons can make about 142 nuclear weapons.)
And as soon as Iran and Ira…

Newsbasturds loves to give it out but will never be able to take it!

I suppose that I am no media expert but now that I have some extra time while looking out at my Mermaid Beach, I thought nothing better do than attack the attackers of a free press.
These neocon media pundits are scary!! ...
I wonder how many others see what could happen if there was another major terrorist attack.??
this would give the neocons a chance to really put us into a police state with about as much freedom as communist chinese have.. Fox is over there spreading half truths for the govt backed news produced by Rupert Murdoch's company

they banned me because they don't want to hear the truth ( the truth is left wing journalism according to Fox and other right wing supported news networks)

Here is one of their complaints about NBC...hmmm, I wonder what news is kept from Fox's "fair and balanced" perspective??

NBC Scrubs 'SNL' Anti-Democrat Bailout Skit From Website

By Noel Sheppard
(BioArchive)October 7, 2008 - 01:01 ET

UPDATE: YouTube link to deleted video…
I only have 2 little buds left until I must search for the magical herb...
It was good conversatin with a young American owner of Happy High Herb in Surfers ...
The government in Oz is cracking down on all places and even the paraphanelia place
(he told me that he wasn't even supposed to sell screens)
on the corner of the pedestrian road up the middle of the surfers' sin city....

It's only a short bike ride away...I could be there in 10 or 15 minutes but I can't go to far away in case Angel is early..
We will be having our baby at the John Flynn private hospital. It was orinally built as a private resort but then became a hospital. It kinda reminded us both of as a resort in Vegas
there was an atrium at the base of the hill with a park
with fountains going straight up in the air!

So now I am realizing that I have a writer's buzz where I need to get these ideas out to John Q. Public...cannabis is the best cure for writers buzz...I guess it puts you into a state of mind whe…

Newsbasturds claims sexism from Letterman


Cool! Someone from La Habra, California did a search for "Newsbusters right wing" and my site was the first to come up.
This site spreads lots of lies and distorts lies with the effectiveness of Karl Rove. They are also the most hypocritical right wing site that I have seen. They have been continually been making sexist remarks about Hillary and blow job jokes for Bill, but then when Letterman asks,
"How is my hair" and fluffs it up, this site and fox love to claim foul and sexism!

Again, Newsbusters, the biggest whiners on the right wing blogosphere, says Letterman is a sexist...suddenly, now that the neocon party has a female VP candidate, they love to cry foul and sexism, when they come from a history of racism and sexism in their party! First they and Fox whine about Obama mentioning lipstick on a pi…
If one does a search on yahoo for "cannabis cookies"
"@Lazarus: ZOMG! Wow. Those are incredible, although I probably wouldn't eat them. On another note, I'm making Cannabis Cookies! Basically, my fiancee and I are taking a LONG bus trip and vacation for a week. 14 hours on a bus is nothing fun but cookies make everything better. Plus the THC will keep us happy (if not comfortable). The recipe is your standard chocolate chip with the addition of Cannabutter (basically, butter and weed simmered on low heat for 6-8 hours, allowing the fat-soluble THC to inhabit the butter) Next weekend, these cookies are go. Anyone else have experience cooking with herb? Chocolate SPACE Chip Cookies1/2 cup cannabutter1/2 cup white sugar1/2 cup brown sugar1 large egg1/2 tsp vanilla1 1/4 cups white flour1/2 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp salt1/2 cup chocolate chips"