Wow…we are finally on our way to OZ… I couldn’t believe that we could do it…there are still some loose ends to tie up such as disconnecting Direct Tv, putting the rip off phone service, Sprint, on hiatus, and then putting our cars on the storage plan by sending our affidavits in!…
I was never rushing so hard to make the deadline of our 7pm Amtrak ride to LA! I dawdled around as usual because my love was asleep till noon ( we were up late trying to organize our clothes)
Today I was not knowing where to start as I attempted to shove everything from the last 3 years into my Infinity! It was almost embarrassing, us struggling packing and throwing as much crap away as I could…shoving everything into garbage bags from the living room, kitchen, bedroom , bathroom and closets and drawers! Still we could do it all by the 630 deadline so I gave $40 to my friend Karlos to give to his son to finally take everything out of our abode and vacuum the place!….
I was panicking worried that someone would see the mess that I had left , especially papers with my blog !
Even though we are not working, I’m still desiring the anonymity not ready to expose my stoner habits..
(the train has just stopped in Flagstaff for 10 or 15 minutes …the nicotine addicts are allowed off tov increase their risks of lung cancer, but who am I to pass judgment when I like a little herbal smoke)
It will be hard to finally accept the reality of having the clear Pacific in our back yard to cool off our tired toes!!! Then the reality of becoming a father will start to really sink in. Colin Murray (we are still not positive of the name) but everybody loves the sound of Colin!! My father was a great man and I hope our son will carry on the family destiny in Oz!! We will finally be able to relax and exhale when I get my dual citizenship if I can get all the necessary paperwork and documents sent in!
It will save us about 900 a month for our major medical! And we can establish residency so that I don’t have to pay this outrageous 15k land tax each year!!
Well, I can’t sleep on the train, so I’ll let my Angel snooze and stretch out on the two seats…I can’t get the internet now since there is no signal, but I’ll chat with you a little while until I feel tired..probably all the addaboy I took to stay focused on getting our shit together hasn’t completely worn off..
My sweetheart is so happy now that we are finally off…She would often cry thinking that we weren’t going to get off the Rez and would have the baby here
We were feeling so overwhelmed with everything and she sensed my feeling too…
She wanted to know that I was confident that I would be able to take care of everything…
It is difficult having all that responsibility and then to think we will have a child soon, too…just that thought is enough to feel overwhelmed without thinking now we can spend our baby moon on a budget ..
This summer we have continually met each of the challenges to be able to go live in Australia…
Finally after Karlos and his Phillipine mate gave us a ride, we encountered one more obstacle that freaked us out…. The train conductor had no knowledge of us reserving the train…both of us immediately thought we wouldn’t make it to Australia…fortunately, we were able to get a hold of Amtrak and were relieved to know that we weren’t going to be dumped in the next stop, Winslow, Arizona, having to find our way back to the Rez with only a day left as far as rent! Cool now we have the internets again and I’ll send this out to the photosphere! By the way, thank you LA, for the sweet comment about how our child can now have the option of dual citizenship just in case the country continues to go in it’s downward spiral with the Neocons and all of those ugly bastards on Fox blues with the surface Britt Hume leading the sniggering of any actions of any liberal they can find some moral turpitude…Fox pretends that is the news , but then you see ugly asshole Hume, chuckling anytime there is a mistake from the other side of the right wing… And this leads a fair and unbalanced talk show…ROFL!
September 1, 2008, 12:26 PM in Oz and almost 8pm LAX time…we will be there early tomorrow morning! I cannot believe we will be on the beach!! It is finally happening with all the challenges that we have had to face…
This time arriving early to the ticket counter, Qantas couldn’t find our reservations because somehow my credit card didn’t go through! They never contacted us and Angel was very traumatized .ss
So we showed the email and after a few hours of fretting and oriental food to soothe our nerves, I went there and finally got the tickets. They also had put in the wrong birth date for sweetie and then the name change from marriage help up the visa people who didn’t know which person she was….
Then after patience with Qantas, I got our tickets! Hallelulah! And I just discovered that we have free internet in the LAX lounge while we wait another 4 hours for the plane…The only issue (which is kinda big) is many of the passengers take off their shoes, so there is an air of skunky feet permeating through the lounge…I think some of the travelers haven’t showered in a while…
Even Angela’s mom was all paranoid and wanted us to email her or call once we are on the plane…I can enjoy the net until Narcolepsy hits…


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