We are finally here in OZ!! It won't be until the 16th until we have internet access in my home in Oz...Everything is at least 2 to 3 times as expensive here especially vitamins. I'm here again at the newly built Gold Coast library. I have swam and surfed in the Pacific in our backyard while Angel walked along the beach. The strong current carried me faster than her walk. It was cool experiencing the storm. We are both still recovering from jet lag but so happy we were not turned away at the airport. It is almost surreal being in another continent again while getting used to sleeping when you yanks are awake and vice versa. It is like Superman visiting the Bizarro world with everything the opposite. Folks are driving on the wrong side of the road and the toilet go the opposite way.

I cannot get into my email in the library so I have no clue about my car and anything that is going on thousands of miles away in the states! I just hope that everything will be ok, but we are finally exhaling knowing that we made it here and it did not seem like it would ever happen!
A new reality while fatherhood still looms on the nearing horizon!


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