Serendipity is Byron Bay

I'm finally on the net again here at the hostel in Bryon Bay. Reality is setting and the wonderful feeling that I will be a Dad soon. We will see life all anew from the eyes of our child. I finally was able to enjoy a little herb with some young hostellers from Germany. Young travelers are so friendly ...I was explaining to him how becoming a father can totally change your outlook on life.

We are about to enjoy a dinner here at the Backpacker's Inn. It is so beautiful here. We just walk a little through the minijungle and there is the most gorgeous beach. Both of us stay here for about $70 and you can borrow bikes for free and especially be in the company of young folks from all over the world. The food we are about to eat smells great. Hopefully, I will enjoy a little more herb before I talk to you some more!


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