So we now are in limbo in the hands of the embassy officials whether to gain entrance
To the Land of OZZ…
While enjoying the cooling gentle monsoon rains falling over the native Chuskas..
Seeing the outline of the Mountains get darker after giving us our nightly show of cloud, blue sky and reddish hues of color
As if painting a renaissance version of the clouds
Almost expecting to see a vision of God touching Adam
Sad but glad to leave….
While the days drift by with a little less sun each day…
Before we visit the Land of G’day

I am much happier and mellower now that I'm taking a year off babymoon!! Angel says how much happier I am than having to deal with the negativity and back stabbing of some of the staff at this school...

I am so excited watching the Olympics...Im kinda glad that we can enjoy this before we take off to OZ!


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