exhibits racism again

Check out

Slate Writer Claims Racism Is Only Reason Obama Will Lose
By P.J. Gladnick August 23, 2008 - 15:43

"The liberals have already come up with their excuse for why Barack Obama might lose the election in November. It wouldn't be because of his inexperience, poor judgement, or far left political views. No, the real reason according to Slate's Jacob Weisberg is racism.
The proposition is put in the title of his article, "If Obama Loses," with his answer given in the subtitle, "Racism is the Only Reason McCain Might Beat Him."
And, of course, Obama's recent poll plunge can only be attributed to you-know-what

when I responded to the racism of this site, I was "denied access" again ...
I have been banned several times from the site for daring to criticize or God Forbid, ridicule the imbicile president...
folks brainwashed as most neocons are state
"Bush is a great statesman"
This site is hilarious but the sad thing is these fools will vote for McSame...


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