I love checking out how folks who find my self professed (emotionally disturbed) crazy person blog when they do word searches

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Nov 20, 2007 ... We both believe that we have ADD and then we prograstinate...Now in order to have at least a 6 month visa, my wife has to have a chest x-ray ...www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/escape-the-okie-zone.html - 17k

then you enter prograstinate and ADD...
and my blog comes up first with the misspelling of procrastinate??

o k.... don't bogie the herb!

You might think I have entirely too much time on my hands while blogging the internet and curious about what sites come up in searches??

But the main thing I accomplished today was talking to the Canadians of the Australian Embassy who help tourists and immigrants seeking visas... having the addaboy sure helps!
I have been intimidated from calling actually worried that I might get those patronizing ladies on the phone again who have no sympathy for my ADD like some of my ex's ;),,just kidding ladies
It's nice to know Angel has the some of the same issues suffering from many of the same symptoms

I was very happy to find out that my brother has Dad's birth certificate and naturalization papers (when he became American)
and that it will be a very straightforward process as compared to getting my expectant wife into Oz.!
I wish that I had attempted gaining citizenship by ancestry a long time ago...Id probably be in Oz right now..Of course, then according to the Butterfly effect of time, I would not have met Angel...Would I still be expecting a love child??

I called the info connection for the embassy in Canada...Jeff was the easiest person to gain the information that I needed!
He assured me about everything and realize there is hope...we can do everything in baby steps...especially with a litte bit of the Addaboy!

By the way just to be getting into Oz time I have put this blog on the same time as Brisbane! and guess what!
It is 3 pm in Tasmania and they just approved of our visas waiving the medical exams!!
Thank you, God and the energies of the Universe! Our family is on the way to Oz!!


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