just browsing through the internet wondering if one or two of my readers might be thinking about similar thoughts while at the same time...

and so I/we have an adventure ahead of me/us

We are here in cool desertville....she says I look happy ...

I guess it's a lot less stressful knowing we dont have to work tomorrow....

I looked on one of my favorite blogs...

I like the part about the plains indians' medicine wheel:

The Idea - East - Begin by defining your contribution to the world.

I want to help folks learn to think better and students understand how to get out of the comfort zone in order to find themselves

Peace - Southeast - Make peace with this desire within your nature.

I am making peace that I have this fire within me...

War - South - Enthusiasm/motivation, mobilization of energy allies.

Motivation and excitement come as I have been planning this trip for so long!

Prophet - Southwest - Visualize, allow future to bring its path.

We see our family on Mermaid Beach and it is getting closer and closer..and only the fear of rejection hinders me but my Angel has caught hold of the dream and we are on the way!!

I think of the Native assistant who told me about the dream she had of seeing our family come from behind the tree and a little boy(my son) was at my the time she did not know that Angel was pregnant!!

Women's Lodge - West - Dream time, true feelings, is this idea nurturing to you and others?

obviously from the native teacher's dream of us...she sees the gift that I have

I have yet to see how to give it...

Council - Northwest - How will you execute this desire in an effective way?

That is what the addaboy and getting off our ADD ASSES!

Sky - North - Is this desire in harmony with evolution/the planet?

Of course!,,,,More than ever I sense the cycles of the planet!

Law Dogs - Northeast - Will this desire benefit future generations"

Our children growing up in Oz will definitely benefit them!

from: Info on the wheel, from "The Prosperity Project"


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