August 7, 2008, 11:19 PM
Hey great to see ya!!…
Watchin' the “Drug Years” on the Sundance Channel…
My muse and I are so ADD, so we finally sent off the Xrays to the Oztralian Embassy and maybe we will be in Oz before the end of this month and see the eye doctor about the wrong prescription ...( I'm dealing with the results of Laser Surgery from Clear Sight Center in right eyes does not have the same clarity as my left eye).

I realize the finity of life and I am so happy to enjoy this part of the journey with my wife!
I promise that I will chat with you in the morning when I have a good sleep and some Java...
Maybe we will take a trip up north tomorrow to Silverton and camp out on our queen size air matress!!

(sorry about the constant typos and grammar mistakes....under the herb :)

August 8th

Happy Birthday, Ron!! He is 55 today...he gets 80% of the cash but I get the place on the beach...shame that he doesn't want to participate in the ownership and is just greedy for the cash...then both of us could be happy in Oz!!
I still love him with the unconditional love of a brother to a brother, even though I can't trust him , remembering how he'd rip me off trading stamps or in monopoly, as an older sibling will often take advantage of his/her younger sibling...


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