Leaving Rumorville, anylittletown, USA

It is now August 26th, high noon on Mermaid BeACH! almost there!
Gayle, the alpha female American service agent of Qantas responded with almost snobbish disdain when my Angel asked how much first class was?

24 thousand!

That's even more than the jeep mistake...wow!! what??

rumors happen everywhere and from those whom you least expect...
suddenly in this little village I am hearing that one of my "good friends" who went to North Carolina for the last was saying that my wife was a crackhead and that is how the rumor went all over the middle school! They were calling my honey that awful slander when she substituted that day....

and the only person who I knew was staying touch with Donna was Madge!
I had a feeling that she knew about the drink driving charge way way back when she might have seen in it in late April of 07...that’s when the rumors spread quicker that a national park forest fire! Even the kids were making jokes about drinking

I fought it and was released with no charges
but I had to have that black cloud hanging over me
while great Manipulator, Koreshka continued to be involved with sliming my reputation and anybody who could see him for the fake confidence man that he was....
(it is so funny seeing him drive in on his cheap harley
it barely started during his own scheduled long lunch break! Angel was cracking up as he attempted to start it…

She was laughing at him sitting like a fattening faux hippy on his high horse trying to get his "magnificent steelmamba mobile" to run...
He looks like Jesus on a little harly
Like Jesus coming into town on a donkey
His long hair flowing as if he is the self appointed king of the community and the football field…

is piece of jokemachine has it's own garage while his subservient wife has to keep her car under the monsoons and the multi elements of this high desert community....)

What could be worse?
gossippy rednecks in the Okie Zone or faux hippy peacorpniks??
that wanna take over their little native community the way they think they did in Bangladesh or Ubegistan
they are often are caught riding high with their trustfunds spending money in hippy trustofarian communities such as Ridgeway, Ouray and especially Telluride....
the money seems to be flowing freely out of their high dollar down vests!

Well enough herbal induced ramblings while my muse is on the phone with her Dad and Mom...
I eagerly await the news of how my darling daughter, Buffy is doing...
my sweetie gets off the phone for a second to say that
She is being a brat with my new dad in law
Daddy bought a leash to run between the backyard trees so she can run back and forth for about 20 feet….
As usual like so many alpha females,
Once loose,
Like a bitch on wheels (her own canine paws),
she exerts her spot in the pecking order by immediately running across the street
…. harassing and taunting the local neighbor dogs behind their own fence

“I’m free from the chains and fences of our human masters
And your not! He, He, Heeee!”

She struts down the street with her tail held high
she is the meanest bitch on the block…
We already miss the beautiful bitch so much! ;)

Daddy in law has a beautiful back yard with his own little forest in between some other neighbors....enough uninhibited space for exotic plants to grow hopefully unnoticed...but the paranoia unfortunately took hold and he tore them down... I thought that I had his approval to snip off the top leaves for a little taste…
When I asked about snipping a tiny bit
He said sarcastically to just watch out for rattlesnakes....
I did not understand that they were forbidden fruit and thought that I had his approval…
gently pruning them upset
Dad's desire to look at them
They didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing when they swayed poetically in the wind


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