in seems that in most of all the women I've been involved in serious relationships, they have had love/hate relationship with their mothers or daughters...
Angel just finally erupted at her mother's controlling desire to get things done
she wants everything ready for our trip to Oz...
I found out later after a bonding session with her father that my new mom in law was in tears
she just wants her daughter to be happy
I think of my past gf's very contentious relationship with her youngest child...

Fortnately my angel's brother lives down the street only two houses over..
We escape to his now bachelor pad to watch some movies and cook a pizza in his girlfriend's oven (she just rented the house next to my angel's home!)
Her dad came over to help mend fences and it was cool to drink her volatile brother's Coors while we smoked some very green home grown....
We weren't sure if it would work but he and I realized how it was working when I conversation drifted to existentialism and how I view was so cool to see my angel look over at us bonding with loving delight...since she loves her father so much, she wants us all to be good friends!!

The next day we picked up her brothers' kids at his new ex's home...we met her new beau (who actually appeared to be a really cool guy,,,,we chatted about Germany since he was a military brat over there!)


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