"Scores greater than 70 indicate neighborhoods where it's possible to get by without owning a car, while scores greater than 90 qualify communities as a "Walker's Paradise.""


When we go to Mermaid Beach in Oz, we will be in a "walker's Paradise"... we will be walking and riding our bicycles only a few miles down the beach from "Surfer's Paradise"...

We will not be dependent on automobiles! It is our statement against global warming!

Now it's already Sunday July 2oth. My honey and I are finally working on our visas to Oz after so much prograsstination ... (my angel of course doesn't herbalize with the baby due)
it is nice to relax in the beautiful hillbilly country, with the AC working inside my parent in Law's home...

Thank you Leigh Anne, for helping me connect this blog back to the internet universe!!


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