How do I sue for plagiarism??
Some blokes have used my exact title and put it on some nickleodeon tv station

Maybe if I bring these bastards to court...all the publicity will bring attention, then my fifteen minutes of fame and subsequent notoriety about teachers who enjoy a little herb at night to relax and bring down their blood pressure!!

Saturday, Jul 5

This is
Original at Escape the Okie Zone • Sat, Jul 5 • via Google Blogs
By Garvald (at least giving credit to me??)
" The young pot-dealer is played by Josh Peck, who just months ago was delighting hundreds of thousands of small children as a rubber-faced jokester on Nickelodeon’s teen comedy "Drake and Josh." One of his regular pothead customers is ..."

Then I did another search and look what I found:

"Josh Peck, aka Josh of Drake and Josh, is all growed up and selling the ganj in The Wackness, a Sundance not-quite-darling set in the summer of 1994. He'll be at the Apple Store on Michigan Ave on Thursday with Jonathan Levine, the film's writer and director, to show clips and answer questions.
The movie's a coming-of-age story about a pot dealer (Peck), his crush (Olivia Thirlby), her step-dad and his shrink (Ben Kingsley), the shrink's wife (Famke Jassen), and other people (Mary-Kate Olsen and Method Man). Yes, it's the one where Olsen and Kingsley smooch."

So, do I need to contact Joseph Levine and see if any of my many ideas and adventures were slightly altered to fit the script of this hit show??

Readers and fans of the "Okie Zone" need to help me out with some polite suggestions??
Josh Peck Takes on a Very Different Type of Role in "The Wackness"Josh Peck, one of the stars of Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh" series, takes on the role of a drug-dealing pot-smoking loner in the coming of age tale, "The Wackness." Written and directed by Jonathan Levine, the R-rated independent film was a hit at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and marks a real departure from the characters Peck has played on TV and in past feature film"


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