sorry that I haven't chatted with you in a long while...maybe Im intimidated from exposing my thoughts to anonymous and not so anonymous readers...

Im ready to jump to the next orbit around the okie zone...Can we both make it now to the Land Of Oz...we will see the ultrasound next Tuesday in Albaquerky,,,,

If I can just get over the negative vibes of this school and the community easily influenced by young peace corp veterans ready start new native cults after indoctinating tribes overseas(they were hyperactive missionaries a century ago!)......I could realize that it has been a good year...if one forgets abouts the Young Teach for Assholes of America who suddenly get on their own little power would be a good year...and forget about Timothy Koreshka ( I think that name is more appropriate than Jesus) and his continual sabotage of any connection with some of the emotionally disturbed families that thrive on blame, anger and negativitiy rather than self-responsibility...
oh by the way,
One of Koseshka's disciples, Mr. Grubman,always the curious cat, just had to ask me if my angel was pregnant right out in the hallway this morning..(enquiring young nosy minds just had to know!) instead of just whispering to him "it's nunya business!"
I asked him to come outside since these
"walls have ears"
we walk outside with Grubman holding the door open

"Is Angel pregnant??"
"Is it yours"
"of course...." a little surprised
I was a little offended as we walked back into the school and decided not to react to his immature Frat boy behavior
Later I realize how it offended my angel so much when I told her about it...she wanted me to kick his ass or do it herself as she packed up her clothes in a manic fit ready to go home to her hillbilly friends and family
"Ok., I said to appease my love.I said, Let's just go over and demand an apology"

we walked over to his house during lunch break...she knocked on the door furiously skinning her white knuckles ready to use them on the tall Screech look alike ...
but Screech happened to be eating pizza with his leader, our next door neighbor, the Great Koreshka..!!

Angel went back to our abode frustrated, but more calm...
I had to go to the staff meeting..
when I left my sweetheart ...there stood the culprit with the impulsive mouth

Koreshka and his subservient wife were munchin on pizza for their ever expanding derierairs (??) with the tall skinny Screech ( I swear he looks like that dorky bloke on Saved by The Bell)

Hey Grubman, come here...I wanna talk to you!"

"You need to apologize to my wife!"

"For what??"

"You know what you said...just think about it!"

He walked off angrily ...thinking about what he said that could have offended her...
maybe he realized that he was insinuating that she was a slut even if it was a joke...
it was a very asshole remark!


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