May 16, 2008, 11:50 PM
Ok….wow…so many things happening rapidly….kinda happy with the magic…
He gives her a kick to know her he’s alive… this is while my angel is laughing hilariously in the movie theater ...she loves to laugh!!
“What happened in Vegas”(Cameron Diaz looks like she's had some surgery or her face has just been in the sun too long..she lost the beautiful freshness she had in "Something about Mary"...but she's funny for a female but especially in the scene where she thinks ejaculated cum is hair gel..Never laughed so hard!:)

1146 saturday...Maybe we can make it out of here by angel is taking a nap and hoping that ole Vesuvius has enough lava and circulation undergound to cause a nice little was enough to create new life...

Maybe we can make it out of here by 1 or 2..with the prograstination of me and her need for lots of sleep...Canyon de Chelly is so beautiful..Im wondering about the most direct or the most scenic route...should we go through Narbonne Pass where it's up to 20 degrees cooler..(if its raining or snowing.) Today feels like it will be the warmest after all this cool weather..frosts still at night..


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