Ok.. I know that I need to chat with you at least a few minutes a day….
Sometimes…it is just the task of starting that is the most difficult for me all my life…Once I get going and understand the problem or task, I can take the steps to get it done…
Right now , my biggest tasks are tying up loose ends.., getting the Australian visas for Angel and me!,
Taking the time to get the paintings, move our shit, tie up the financial ends for both of us, file taxes in Okc….at the IRS blding…
I know that all of this stuff bores you and might think that this blog is all about me??
My reality??? It’s a pic of my life currently at the moment and it is for me and for all that care to understand my perspective on life…maybe you might have some of the same feelings??
I’m realizing now that it is easier to write on the word perfect first because that is slightly less judgmental than just putting it out here on a blog with an unknown audience??


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