So we play with words and love the sound of accents…
I use to play like I was an Aussie..I bet your popular with some of the ladies here mate, with your southern drawl?
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge

“rumor has it that there’s an English bloke with an accent??…I don’t recollect any new English students…
But no worries Tex,you can be relaxed here at Utopachi…but this is the coolest little high school in northwestern Idaho.. We are accepting of all different kinds of accents!!
No worries, mate
“ I loved pretending I was an Aussie surfer in my post graduate days, and then toured all over the world exploring different accents.. Between you an me mate, it was the best way to be popular with the sheilas… hey when I had hair I used to pretend I was a wondering surfer hippy from Oz..!!”
Hey and speaking of bald
I have to go to one of these
silly Baldridge meetings"


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