"Oww oooo! In case you didn’t notice, it’s a full moon tonight. If you’re trying to conceive the traditional way (you know, by doing it), you may want to know that:
Women’s periods have been tied to the moon and the lunar cycle for literally thousands of years. Before modern science came along to explain that a woman menstruates because of her changing hormones, it was generally accepted that a woman’s periods followed the lunar cycle. After all, the moon controls the ocean, why not women’s bodies? As a result, some believe that it is possible for a woman to have two fertile times during her menstrual cycle: the first occurring when she ovulates and the second according to her lunar phase fertility period. (www.epigee.org)
A full moon is linked to ovulation – a time of abundance, ripening and completeness. That is, if we were all regular and didn’t have cycles dictated by those little pink packets of pills, patches, shots, etc. "


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