ok...alot has happened but I decided I didn't want Elvis at the ceremony...maybe we'll just get the shot gun ceremony in my future Dad's backyard in hillbilly country...
she is starting to show or maybe the baby is just as hungry as me...I think my muse consumes even more calories than me now...she just pigged out at the breakfast buffet while I had peanut butter and coffee..
but I better hold off trying to keep up with her constant grazing because my stomach already looks like it's in the 3rd trimester! (at least we are doing lots of walking along the Strip of casinos!)

Having fun in Vegas, cept I'm constantly having to look for buffets that will satisfy us both!...
Bellagio's has by far the best buffet trying food and desserts from all over the world...that little custard dish was by far the best but all that food caught up with me so my face had a conversation with the toilet when we got back to the room!

Oh by the way, in the ongoing saga with our resident jesus...I finally told him off in our sped meeting in front of all the sped department, the district sped director, her assistant and our new principal. They sat quietly while I told everyone how sped teachers have been treated like second class citizens with 3 of us squeezed into one half of of a room while the faux hippy jesus looking bloke has 2 of "his" own classrooms..I stated that the previous administration showed obvious favoritism to the maninipulative Machiavellian monster in the guise of Jesus in a ponytail!


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