It is cool taking a walk up the mountain with Buffy...I forget how beautiful the mountains are as we climb in elevation! 420 all the way up to a natural and herbal high!

ok..a couple days later...eve before I get evaluated by my principal...
of course its obvious.. u know me!

I am prograsstinating! and watching this show about how animals can predict earthquakes...Im in a very tired state where I could probably drop off to lalaland...but I need to talk to my angel..I was that I was there for the ultrasound...
He's only 3 and a half inches right now !!
...Im guestimating his conception was around the time of the lunar eclipse
...and they predicted all sorts of happenings would happen at that time... wow!!

it still hasnt dawned on me that I might with everything going hunky dory..Ill be a Dadddy!
and carry on our line! ..
my muse knows we will both change for the better when we suddenly have this tremendous responsibility of bringing a new life into world on the edge of the precipice!

Its like everything since I started this blog has been happening and in the most funky sort of way!

Truth is better than fiction...and J is leaving me alone!
but someone stole my Australian check here in the village and I wonder how they could possibly cash it??
but these thieves are sneaky...


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