Thank God for snow Days!

It is so nice to relax after a Monday in school and then get the great news that we can take it easy finally seeing the largest county closed all day. That is fantastic news. It's so exciting to see the gorgeous snow on the mountains in our backyard. My muse is sleeping recovering a bout of bronchitis while I nurse her back to health while chatting with you on the net.
My renters are roughing it. Most of OKC has lost it's power due to ice storms. I'm happy that they still can get gas through the fireplace to warm up the whole living room. It is a nice warm feeling that that a family is being taken care of at a very reduced rate. They are doing so much on the place where the previous tenant neglected and let my poor place fall apart. I wasn't helping of course while the roof and bathrooms continued to . Now everything is in the garage from my previous life in the Okie Zone.


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