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It's great to be back in school , sort of...
It is amazing how summer has flown by so fast!
I'm wanting to write more but the bug has not captured my desire to write..
At least I can say hello to everyone

now I've escaped to Serendipachi again and all the worries of reality

We are still at war and Bush is still in office but at least his "brain" is gone!

I joyously accept my beautiful home away from home on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world, the Gold Coast.

The desires of my heart are fulfilled when I swim and surf in the crytal blue waters of the Pacific.

I'm planning on going there for the winter break for 2-3 weeks..I'll have to find someone to take care of my darling Buffy so maybe I can find someone that will be staying here during the xmas break...they can put her inside my home in Serendipachi while I'm gone...

It was sure nice having an escape from reality travelling with my canine soulmate all around the northwest part of this …