Backwards Voodoo!

Thankyou Michaelle Christchurch, for helping me to be happier than I have been in a long while!

Heading out to Yosemite and maybe wine country in the great America! far the voodo curse must have had an opposite effect! Maybe 2 negatives make a positive or Mom's hand knit sweater serves as a protective talisman to turn your negative energy into the most positive energy in a very long while! This will be the best way to overcome the curse that I've been under since 911! !
"It's funny how 'accessory to murder' isn't talking about that really cute necklace you wore when you shot the bastard. "

"Every once in a while, a woman will wake up with no ambition save for a wish to creep around quietly in her socks. And it must be a rule of the universe that this is a day when she will be required to go out into the world and act, interact, and be acted upon, in spite of - perhaps even because of - her extreme vulnerability. May I add then, this delicacy will be likely be expressed in a violence of temper over some inconsequential hurt, with feelings so raw as to be immediately exposed by virtue of the fact they are so terribly tender. Be kind then, to this raging woman, be she you or some other miserable creature - she is wide open and utterly naked, a state no man could imagine or endure."

~Grace Gibson, From the Diary of a Lady Beloved


  1. Hey G. Where're ya hangin' these days, Yosemite Sam? M


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