Chills run up and down my spine for the new moon! The loony witch will put a spell on a weird pair of grey socks with green stripes that I forgot that I had...I always felt that this woman was never into black magic but listen to her hatred:

This is where Voo Doo comes in handy. I don't ever use it though, unless there is just no other alternative. For example, I once used spellwork to cause a woman who was abusing her child to have severe stomach pain any time she went to beat the child. Thank God that situation got rectified. On the next new moon, I will be getting rid of something else that's been bothering me, and it used to own a pair of grey socks with green stripes that are going to be key in my spellwork. It will be great fun, and make me feel a total release, the same as I did when I burned every lie that was written on paper to me. And, it works. My keen bullshit detector is working just fine.....the little abused boy went to a safe home, and hopefully soon I will have some actual peace to enjoy some things which I like to do daily but seem to always be somewhat ruined by grey sock guy. Why? Because I must constantly deal with him. He keeps trying to sneak into my crowd of friends and make me pay attention to him. It's sick. But, I don't want to get rid of my friends to have peace, that's ridiculous. So Voo Doo it is....."
uly 6, 2007 3:46 PM
Guiseppi Verde said...
Who was grey sock guy and what did you believe were lies that he wrote to you?Did you keep his socks specifically for this voodoo?

I guess the article on manic depression and realizing why I should not take it personally even though it still hurts because of her lies to me asking me to be the father of her children.

We were doing wonderful but during one of your episodes you insisted on having your stepfather and Mommy Dearest over to my home (I was enjoying it being our family home more than ever in my life)


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