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Im having the greatest time of my life for a very long while. I'm having a wonderful time travelling with Dad's old Infinity...sometimes it seems like it's going to konk out but she hangs in there...We'll be heading to Glacier National Park and then to Banff Canada and Vancouver, BC...and then to the downtown section where herb is legal!


Backwards Voodoo!

Thankyou Michaelle Christchurch, for helping me to be happier than I have been in a long while!

Heading out to Yosemite and maybe wine country in the great America! far the voodo curse must have had an opposite effect! Maybe 2 negatives make a positive or Mom's hand knit sweater serves as a protective talisman to turn your negative energy into the most positive energy in a very long while! This will be the best way to overcome the curse that I've been under since 911! !
"It's funny how 'accessory to murder' isn't talking about that really cute necklace you wore when you shot the bastard. "

"Every once in a while, a woman will wake up with no ambition save for a wish to creep around quietly in her socks. And it must be a rule of the universe that this is a day when she will be required to go out into the world and act, interact, and be acted upon, in spite of - perhaps even because of - her extreme vulnerability. May I add then, this delicacy wi…

Gray socks with a green stripe bonfire eve! (I bet she didn't wash them so they would have more power!)



The 2007 - 14th running of the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run will start at 0600 July 13th and end at 0600 July 15th, 2007 in Silverton, Colorado. The ’07 course will be a 100 mile COUNTER-CLOCKWISE loop through the back country of the San Juan Mountains in beautiful southwestern Colorado. The Hardrock 100 connects or passes near the old mining towns of Silverton, Lake City, Ouray, Telluride and Ophir. With a total elevation gain of approximately 33,000' and an average elevation at near tree line of 11,186', the Hardrock 100 peaks out at over 14,000’ on Handles Peak, one of Colorado’s 14’ers.

I am sitting here in the gym of the highschool where this amazing race started at 6am (I slept in of course). I've made some friends with some of the 130 runners are staying here at this very nice hostel with a very warm motherly innkeeper that makes us feel at home while I deal with t…
War is good for the carpet baggers, the oil companies,other greedy corporations , and the military industrial complex that are raping the people of Iraq so that obese westerners can have their big trucks and SUVS because they are too lazy to walk or ride a bike!
The Bush family is enjoying the profits from war as they have for several generations!

right now I'm at my favorite pub, the Miner's union where you can get $2 amber bock beers...of course it doesnt compare to the .75 cent beers at the Buzzard Beach!
My body is saying to me to get more exercise and play more (even it's only with my canine soul mate)...
watching Buffy running in and out of the cold Animas River high up in the Rockies, just for the sake of exercise and play, made me realize how all animals, especially humans, pent up all day just getting fat, need the chance to play (exercise)...
We should observe animals more often instead of just listening to the mores of society and the fast food mcdonaldiZation of this country...

watch how dogs naturally take care of their bodies..
Their own natural instincts know far more than us on how our bodies communicate with us!
2:34 PM
I wanted to thank God for this beautiful day in the mountains and then seeing the cleansing moonsoon rains come down and cool everything so that I actually have to put my mother's hand knit sweater on!

so this rambling doesn't make sense, M?

"There are three kinds of people and three kinds of richness:
people who want to have, to collect
people who …
In dem Augenblick als ich gerade weg von der Hitze bleiben möchte. Die Berge sind kühl, wenn Sie nah an 10.000 Fuß erhalten. Ich kam gerade in Silverton an und betete sofort in des Str. Patricks der Kirche. Sie hatte übereinstimmend den Namen meines Lieblingsjesuitlehrers in der High School auf einem befleckten Glasfenster, Vater O'Malley. Ich glaubte sofort einer Freigabe, besonders als ich die wundervolle Kathedrale des felsigen Moutains draußen sah!
I go around the corner with my soulmate and see the almost endless view of the Rockies against the red sky from a setting sun and I hear Neville singing Amazing Grace. It was at that point that I really wanted to believe in heaven where hatred, fear, animosity, jealousy don't exist..There is only love...It made me realize how much that I have to enjoy every moment..

I have only a few more days of good health and vigor before the new moon... the worst could happen .....someone's gonna put a curse on me and if that don't work then Joe Pete will break my legs or I will mistakenly eat Mema Valetti's poison Manicotti.

I'm gonna have to find the catholic church in Durango and pray for my salvation.

"Chills run up and down my spine for the new moon!"

Some one wants to cause me harm...
Is that news?

considering all the hatemail from rednecks and Bushistas having a few too many in bars and starting fights since they cannot argue well, rednecks very often get physical...What do I say to them?
"Take a number!"

One xgirlfriend has a father connected with the Mafia and is threatening to do voodoo on me !
She wouldnt talk to him for 1o years and wrote how her Dad wanted the father of her 2nd child to be in cement boots along with Jimmy Hoffa references....And we wonder how a lady could grow up to be emotionally stable with a crook for a Dad and an emotionally abusive mother?
It's understandable that broken homes cause years of issues for the children and tend to get mixed up only in abusive relationships.

She has made references to Italian names and beating heads for a living...

So if anything happens to me it's probably more likely the Cosa Nostra connections rather than her voodoo... Maybe her connections could even reach me …
It is so hard for me to pack and move but when I'm finally on the road again...the sadness of immobilization leaves me...

I have a feeling some exgfs have been reading this blog because of the fan mail...

Now Buffy and I might check out the alien festival but I swear that I have dated women that are as strange as the aliens that I have only heard about...

It's nice to get loving messages from Muffy... I guess her, Charles and Buffy have been some of my few friends...But it was great to chat with DR. Thomas, my part Native American friend and unofficial mentor!
Chills run up and down my spine for the new moon! The loony witch will put a spell on a weird pair of grey socks with green stripes that I forgot that I had...I always felt that this woman was never into black magic but listen to her hatred:

This is where Voo Doo comes in handy. I don't ever use it though, unless there is just no other alternative. For example, I once used spellwork to cause a woman who was abusing her child to have severe stomach pain any time she went to beat the child. Thank God that situation got rectified. On the next new moon, I will be getting rid of something else that's been bothering me, and it used to own a pair of grey socks with green stripes that are going to be key in my spellwork. It will be great fun, and make me feel a total release, the same as I did when I burned every lie that was written on paper to me. And, it works. My keen bullshit detector is working just fine.....the little abused boy went to a safe home, and hopefully soon I wi…
What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic-depressive illness, is a condition that affects more than two million Americans. People who have this illness tend to experience extreme mood swings, along with other specific symptoms and behaviors. These mood swings or "episodes" can take three forms: manic episodes, depressive episodes, or "mixed" episodes.
The symptoms of a manic episode often include elevated mood (feeling extremely happy), being extremely irritable and anxious, talking too fast and too much, and having an unusual increase in energy and a reduced need for sleep.

there was one emotionally disturbed lady I dated who had the above episodes..she kept repeating how she was extremely happy and then went through very depressed periods.she became extremely irritated and anxious when her parents were coming to stay almost as if she was preparing for a final exam. The house had to be spotless so she sent me off to teach her 9 year old son t…
"By not passing judgment on anyone, and instead sending hope for their healing, we may create something positive out of a difficult situation. We can then release it, since dwelling on it can cause an energetic drain in our system, causing us to really only hurt ourselves. When we can release our hold on negative events and interactions, we leave it in the hands of a wise universe to work out the best solution for all involved. "

from my favorite daily om!

Fun with Raphael and Erowyn

I'm extremely passionate about finding my niche where I can really soar.
I'm passionate about finding
my Utopian Shangri La
(Raphael says that you have to realize your Shangri La by living in the now..It's easy for him in his beautiful place)
I'm passionate about doing something really great and making a movie/documentary/book about it..
Im not passionate about my procrastination...its the side of myself that I detest.
Most think that I have a tendency to get obsessed (OCD)about some projects..

I often just smile at them and look forward to when the projects are done..I consider that the best revenge to all the naysayers!

That is what drives me and motivates me instead of just staying in bed depressed about all the things I should have already done in this extremely short life.

July 1, 2007 11:03 AM Arizona time

I's sitting here on a lazy Sunday in the middle of summer, the beginning of the very busy American July 4th week..Do I want to compete against all the traffic thi…