still vegetating in the okie zone before I head west again and make the decision to work in the land of enchantment at least one more year....
It's almost surreal the being here again in the same locations but so many changes...visiting the old Haunts...I went to Mikes in Oklahoma City...again after being personally attacked there 3 years ago by one of their customer..another young jerk who spent time in prison bullies me for no reason...amazing..but when it was their fault and I warned the security about his continual harassment. They did nothing until he physically attacked me.

I have been told that Mike's in Oklahoma City is still a very violent bar with fights every weekend. I will write a letter to Daily Oklahoman (disappointment) about the violence in clubs.
They let me buy a pitcher of beer until the fairy bartender and old lady that remembered me decided I had to go ..
Why do bartenders only get old and angry...its almost as if the wear of being control freaks wears on their psyches

I have seen nice angelic people become monsters after years of bartending. They always end up with power trips like Shannon from Danny's Blues Saloon. I was thankful that he wasnt there anymore. He married the sister of the nice thoughtful bartender, Matt that is an exception to my theory of accelerated aging in bars!


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