"I hope this doesn't qualify as babble to you?

The surrogate children that I teach love chess. The 300$ after taxes, that I earn for coaching the whole year, I sink totally into the program since there are no funds. I asked the woodshop class to make giant chess pieces for outdoor chess with the lumber and paint I bought. I offer an outlet for students twice a week in my classroom that might be otherwise be getting into trouble. They painted a 100 sq ft yard chess board with the school colors and beautiful indigenous wildlife in the surrounding border of the cement chess board. The biggest complaint about the school is the ugly grey cement buildings. Now there is a beautiful board in the center with the "cougar pride" mural right behind it.

We have played chess outside a few times and hope to have some human chess next year if I decide to go back.I would have loved to have this opportunity as a child especially if there was nothing but poverty in my home life living in a shack with no heat.

I give time and money to my kids, because it makes me feel good inside especially when I see these students walking tall now when they have had mr labels since early in school."one of the greatest pleasures in life is doing something great when others says you can't and proving them wrong!

some folks question my teaching ability...I love to prove these jerks wrong!


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