No good deed goes unpunished!

....I was about to leave last night, but I know how I prograstinate and forget things before I take my trip back to the Okie Zone to see if the tornadoes blew away my home(?)...its worth a lot more according to the insurance companies than the market value after I fixed it up. It requires about 20K! ...Brother Ron has been pressuring me to sell the Parthenon laying the guilt trip on me about Uncle Ron and Leslie will lose a few 100k if we all don't see the 8 units together. This multimillionaire down the beach already owns 3 of the units and attempted to buy everyone out for a higher price. He also own the little vacant spot of beachfront that our family sold about 15 years ago to him. He wants a larger mansion than he has already!

I am so tempted to just stay on the beach this next year with Jesus and the Borginator doing their best to take my job. The Borginator comes back out of mental hibernation and an excuse from her shrink and t he union rep to start tearing apart all my Ieps since Lisa left because of her husband's demise. She and Jesus have done their best to make me look incompetent. The principal said that I needed to ask but how could when the Borg was never here. On top of that , some unknown source snitched(?) that the students visited the pool tables right next to the hotel bar while on our State trip to Lost Atomos! So he's going to write me up for that and then I feel a hidden threat that I will be written up for the defincies in the IEPs that I wrote. hhhhmmm...shades of KC and Nurse Cotrell?? It most often seems that I am always a target no matter what!
On the good note our chess players had a wonderful time and could not get enough chess playing continually on the van with our grumpy driver. She was the only one with a sour face and the principals actually thought it might have been her that "snitched" to a parent. Who knows. Raphael had experience with this lady and said how these ladies so often love to tear apart a good thing or stab a Bellagona in the back!

Well it's so nice to finally get spring break and it will more than a thousand mile drive to see Muffy ....I sure pray to the universal energies that we have a wonderful time and that I can gain the insight and mental energy to bring in all the parents again to rewrite these Ieps!

I need to make a list of what I have to do in town before I finally get out of Dodge!
get the flomax and ummm?? Im finally on my way!

"It's so synchronous that you mention seedlings and that they have to go down before they reach for the heaven. That is what I feel with this giant chessboard board that we are creating to beautify the school courtyard. The squares have been painted and the art class will paint the border of the 100 square yard chess board with Native American art and pictures of the local scenery and indigenous wildlife. There are only a few teachers that support me on this project and many even walk over the board in disrespect but I sense how the students are anticipating playing some human chess where they will be dressing up in costumes. I feel that this could be the beginnings of annual event to boost the self esteem of the community but we have to go through so many hoops and my own costs...I just pray that this seedling will blossom."

liberal bloggers receiving death threats??

It is scary about death threats. From reading this site, it appears that some right winger have come to the point of internet road rage at this site frequently when an ocassional "lunatic liberal" visits this site on a very limited visa.
I am glad that since I have been gone, we have not allowed to let the govt have total control. Democracy took place to oust the check the unchecked govt control of our lives!
Fortunately, govt officials are limited to acess who we are as they could very easily intimidate citizens whether right or left!
We have checks and balances!
It is amazing how at this point we can find out about others on the net...I have a feeling that the govt is already doing this by govt officials who want to know the scoop about "subsevisive??"

It is good that I chatted with my lawyer. He seemed reassuring and knowing that we can appeal. The secretary told me that they would "revoke" my drivers license. It was comforting to be assured that the paperwork was sent through on my breath tests too soon without getting information on the machine! There was a two hour delay between the test and first being stopped by the Rez police. This happened back in November and there have been constant delays to see the real judge rather than just a judge in Santa Few....
Worse case scenario, six months would be a good time walking on the Beaches of the Gold Coast looking for damsels drowning in the waves... :) sans the drivers license and clothes...(only a blue speedo;)
As time goes by so fast, it's a shame to waste days being bored. If I was bored, it's a lot more fun be that way on the beach!


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