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Once a week, lately, I've been able to chat with you. It's frustrating that the school district doesnt allow access to blogging any more or to or some others that I want to stay in touch with. Oh well, soon, I will have my laptop back!
I am so excited about the outdoor chessboard in the courtyard. It is halfway finished thanks to the Corn Pollen class and Brad. It's amazing how great the colors look on the cement and how quickly it dried. Now that we all see it, I am so inspired to write letters to all the staff. It almost makes me want to stay here another year when I'm having visions of all the great things that chess can do for the school and community. I wrote the letter to some of my favorite faculty and then I realized that we can do it all especially as a metaphor for all the staff to come together. I am so much more positive than I have been in a long time. I feel that much of the negativity has been removed by just adding those vibrant color…
It's great to finally talk to you again! Here I'm finally back in the local city library where I can find access to my own site and speak to the world... I can smell spring in the air even though all the snow has not melted on the northern slopes of the hills in this western Land of Enchantment where all water flows into the rising Pacific Ocean! It is warm enough now to bug the corn pollen class to start painting our large chess board in the middle of the school courtyard. I will have to ask the teacher of the class, Brad, to pick a day to start painting. Maybe we both can go outside tomorrow with old clothes to clean off the cement...I will make an announcement about that and for our district tournament. We have no budget except my limited salary for chess, $300 after taxes to pay for a driver. Unfortunately there are no drivers available for next Saturday so I again will have to depend on the kids and their parents getting there themselves.
Please, Oh Goddess of the universe…
I wonder where I might go to find a little herb...Now I'm in wanderlust checking out downtown Santa Fe...maybe a few homeless folks can help me lead me in the right direction...I know the public library is one of the best places to tune into America's homeless hippies! ;)

funny how when I'm imbibing in this forbidden fruit (?) my thoughts go to having our inevitable conversation with our resident Jesus and his disciples... I see that this power hungry peace corpnick won't be happy until he completely takes over the village with his "religion"... a sped teacher in search of his own evidence of his own miracles with our darling students of the tribe!
Heck he could do it in Uzbekistan with the native caucasoids of the Caucasion mountains bordering the middle East, so why can't he do it with the native Navahos!
Hey! In his first two weeks this "Jedi warrior" as he calls himself has already been invited to several smoke house ocassions by several of the…