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Angry reader defines Garvald!


4 up, 5 down

Like grr, "garvald" can be said in times of great stress and/or annoyance. Can also be spelled "garrvald", "garvaald", or "garrvaald".
Garvald! I lost the game again!

I saw this in the Urban dictionary . I wondered when my name might draw some notoriety. I saw it posted from late this summer..probably from an angry reader.

note: my new word was published... it's cool to not become angry at a reader's malicious perspective on can develop the philosophy of just observing their anger almost from a distance
they have rationalized a reason to despise what you represent???
freedom?? perhaps?
instead it's just fun to write about your feelings and the characters you meet in your life!
Making a joke about others and especially yourself is the best way to deal effectively with liebentraumen
by the way
a new word was just published and accepted by the majority of editors of this new found word bank!

bipolar wiccan-http://www.…
It is really upsetting that I can't even access my own blog to write.

I feel good about today, although I lost a game of chess to a teacher I usually dominate!
Now the school district doesn't even let me see my own blog after 330! I guess they must be monitoring teachers and their searches. I almost have a feeling that one of my many enemies called the district and exposed this blog. Are they waiting for me to write something that incriminates myself and then only allowing me access during school hours when ...I hardly have time to write since I have been busy...But then the limited access time makes me just want to write more!

I had a relatively good Iep meeting where most of the meeting was with me and the 17 year old student who skips classes most of the time. I asked him what was the reason that he even comes to school other than to just socialize with his homies!
In a week's time, I'll be going walkabout through mid- America and enjoy the nomadic existence with my fav…