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A cleansing snow is finally coming down over the Serendipachi Mountains

..I didn't have chess practice today and took off from school so I take care of business in town. Just going there and facing it was such a relief. I could not believe how nice the judge was but he won't be the same one in trial. It could be that cold ice queen that others have talked about but I will cross her bridge when I come to it. Sometimes when you think about the worse case scenario it is so pleasing when things are not as bad as they could be. I visited my class with the sub to make sure that he understood the work for the kids and it was so nice to see good behavior from my two boys! They were smiling and clay was working in my comfy chair after seeing that he helped himself to my instant cains coffee with chickory and probably hot chocholate. They love my cocoa/coffee mixture. It was such a treat for them bringing my expresso machine and making Cappucinos for them on the last day before Thanksgiv…

New Moon over the Village!

Does he think things are for the worse?? He was stopped the other night ....Was a curse put on him again just as the gypsy had done to him about 5 years ago??
( "Gypsies are justly famed for their psychic powers and the ability to curse or bring good luck to those that cross their path.")Deja Vu or Groundhog evening all over again?? He made foolish decisions Friday night and was happy to see freedom again Saturday after the longest night since 5 years ago in Oklahoma. Then it was only a couple of months after 911 and now it's the post election let down. A husband of a wonderful lady committed suicide a week before. The funeral for him is tomorrow...Maybe he thinks it's a curse but he seems to still have a guardian angel watching over him?? He should have kept Mom's sweater in the trunk as he usually does for protection! You wonder if the area has a curse as so many used to say or do things happen in cycles?? Greatness comes out of adversity!
Brad bought an inexpens…


The beginning of the end for the neocons! Rummy resigns and we will control the house and shortly after we count the last votes we will control the senate. Bush and his white house Mafiosa will be held accountable for their crimes including war crimes!

What a day yesterday was! The police came in to do a check of red verses blue gangs and do an assesment of our campus! Jesus has taken over the sped department with his pseudo hippy bs ...saying to everybody that he didn't want to do it but the principal asked him to do it since the Borg is out on mental leave for a few weeks. We had a meeting about the conflicts in the life skills class with those matriarchal ladies who love to sit on their gluteus maximusses. The first meeting went well but then they all continued conspiring for the next hour while I taught finally in my old room without pass interference from these meddling ladies! Wfhen I come back from teaching they are all sitting there in the life skills class (there were no l…