If We Paint It, They Will Come!

So Garvald is in town for his seminar, seeing Jesus even bragging about all the great things he is doing with His chess players! He wonders if even Jesus will attempt to overshadow his own accomplishments with his chess players. They all have lunch at a restaurant on the gregarious proactive principal. Jesus is bragging about his accomplisments in
"My classes!" Garvald wonders if the real Jesus had an ego too?? I suppose so=! I'm sure others wondered about this bloke's ego if he kept saying that God's his Dad and that he can get as many fish from the lake besides making tons of wine (what a party that I wouldn't be invited to) from all the water in the very shallow lake across highway 666! ( sorry, I was getting carried away!)
So Garvald eats his lunch with Jesus, Julio, the Borg, his favorite Iep facilitator, our secretary and the Principal. It could have been an Iep meeting. The Borg, Jesus, Julio and even the principal love to dominate conversations so we were never without words!
Betty lou comes to me with her situation and complained that she came here for the self contained class. I know how she wants to be the mother to my boys. I listen to her and don't want to open up an argument so I only aknowledge what she's saying.
Lately, they have been falling apart at least as far as grades are concerned.I'm torn between passing him or not. If he goes to after school tutoring then maybe I could feel right about passing him??
I'm feeling a little tired but I'm much more pumped than I am early in the morning and then the lull in the middle of the afternoon. It takes time for me to finally get going and then I'm primed by the end of the day.
Jesus asked me if I was teaching one of his severely retarded work study students. He says that he has to check out her IEP as if I was neglecting her. Well, J, as soon as you get off the computer she can learn math. It's up to me to get ports for the computers.
I joke with Julio about my reputation for being "stingy" (how would you say it in a Venezuelan accent?) and how would you react if Jesus came down from heaven and took over your life skill's class? Suddenly all of your best chess players are under His case management and are ready to convert and be part of his expanded following.


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