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Garvald asks one of the neighbors who will play him in his chess movie? Robert Deniro, Tom Hanks or Robin Williams. Robin would undertand ADD the most since he's bipolar! He's so excited about the chess and needs to tell someone who also believes in his dream!
Of course the story is fictitious. (I am actually in Australia writing all of this about an imaginary sped teacher.)

He rides his old reliable 10 speed down to the touch football game between the classes. Later they all go down to the bonfire party and competition between the classes. He sees all of the tribes gathering before the fires. He is so glad the kids are coming together and wishes for more community involvement. G gets more adult recruits for his chess project that will involve the whole community.
He imagines the whole community watching a human chess match!

Ok G, when will you start painting it?

I dunno?? I'm kinda of in a funky situation....worried about whether to pass Clay and Marty hoping that they'll get with it. He knows that if they do well, others will claim the credit. If they do poorly, G is to blame.

Every afternoon he has to deal with Betty Lou's snide remarks or in the am if he has to walk past her lookout from the lifeskills class. She yells, Mr. G!
Oh, no. does he have to respond to her daily anger?? It's always something. She is constantly whining about something.
At least he's not in Bagdad worried about walking on mines. He knows that the mine of Betty Lou's ascerbic mouth will explode with something that he has to respond to. She walks by asking about the ED students. He doesn't even want to talk to her. She never bothers to answer his questions so he walks on!
Cat got your tongue?
She yells out.
Later she nags him about unplugging her computer embilical cord so he could help the students have acess....so she starts a tirade later on about how he only uses the computer to teach the kids!
"You think your shit doesn't stink Mr. G!

He jokes later with the janitor who witnessed her tantrum.
"How does she know about my opinion of my feces aroma??"

Happy Birthday Alene ,
It happened yesterday and that fact totally slipped my mind as doing well with school consumes me.,,,Alene would be about 48 ! Oh well, so many failed relationships in my life,
Alene was a relative success in that she loved me so much even though I could have been so much better to her. I was happy that I was able to spend a lot of vacation time with her. Vegas, a ski trip, and seeing Ron's new babies. That was another time just after Mom had passed away. My last thanksgiving with my older brother, Ron. I was ostracized by so many including my family after she passed away

A long time ago, I had a little happiness when a child called me Daddy and that feeling warmed the cockles of my heart.
Maybe I could be a Daddy?? Nah...

"You will never be able to handle being a father no matter how much you pray!"

So you put all your efforts in helping these children become good chess players! This is how you can find solace amidst all your failures and embarassments in your life!...or sometimes you just feel like hanging out on the beach and really escaping the toils of reality and lost loves...
none of your efforts will materialize..
you would only succeed at being a beach bum away from the anger of humanity! Maybe your heart will be the third victim of a nasty stingray.
She'll hop up onto your boat and sting you as hard as she can with all of her pent up venom!
"The ring symbolizes infinity and you are not it so I will keep the ring!"

yet I still have hope for success in the chess and then wonder if it will ever happen?? I chatted with Mathew and he thought it might be easy to start the project!
the worries of acid to clean the cement concerns my error prone ways...All the students will need to wear protective gloves and shirts!
he'll have to wear old pants and an old shirt before they take on the project! Get your mind off of past failures !
Please energies of the universe help me let go of these chains that bind me to the failure of the past!
Pray for the future and it will happen!

Oh by the way, Michele Church left the pleasant threatening blackmailing comment on my blog....what a sad lady!


  1. wow. so it's really the Chuska mountain range and Tohatchi......Tohatchi High School, to be exact...wonder what the principal there would think of the school computer being used for cyberstalking or the special ed teacher that smokes pot and blogs about it? hmmm....

  2. and thanks for the anonymous letter of support from one of my friendly emotionally stable readers that also believes in finding proper herbs to lower blood pressure. What is the opposite of caucasian mail?

  3. sad how the bitchwitch went through another divorce and now chain smokes to a way more addictive drug than cannabis, nicotine! out looking for love again.. her youthful beauty has faded with pock marks from too much booze , heartache and cigarettes :(

  4. im writing here because my neighbor loves my blog and limits my old friends time as if she was his mother... sitting there, wrote me and email to stop it... I guess she doesn't like me talking to him or writing how intimidating it is to go over there when she hasn't had her lunch and is very irritable...


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