The witch's curse!

Today was a productive day, sort of. I took some addaboy and was wanting to visit the flea market in town. I try to only to make a couple trips into town since it's 30 miles away on route 666. Just the old name of the route makes me want to avoid it especially since the incident of the one time letting M light up a cigarette with my the roof open. Guess what happened. I smelled something burning and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I stopped the car knowing how serious it was. Finally I reached under my seat and the tissue was burning some pages of my website. I burned my fingers getting the flaming papers out of there! Wow!
At that point I really believed I was cursed by an angry old "flame" (pun intended) ...then later sitting in the hot tub with storm all around us only reinforced this weird think of the curse of Tutankaman and then a curse from a bipolar pagan witch ...( I think Garvald has left the Okie Zone and has entered the twilight zone!) I'm glad I took my mothers hand woven sweater with me for protection from evil (including cops that might stop me, I've been lucky). I always take "her" with me in the Infinity. She knitted that sweater for me about 20 years ago,probably in OZ. Every time I put on that sweater, especially when I'm down, I immediately feel better almost like Mom is hugging me .. I feel warm fuzzies all over and I smile as if she right there with me..uh oh, all verklempt again,the tears fill my eyes, but that helps me see better and I have that epipheny!

I cleaned up my room so I could teach algebra to my favorite two ED boys. These boys and chess are the reason I left paradise. I wanted to see it all out. I want to do something fantastic this year since I've only been at best a very mediocre teacher...

I'm just getting so excited about everything falling into place. I have a male principal that has several cancer surgeries and been near death so every sunrise to him is fantastic. He and the principal from Wewoka have impressed me the most as administrators. Coincidentally, the other principal from another time made the biggest impression on me with his philosophy for being a "dead man walking" (which is the theme of approaching every day as a blessing! especially if you were already dead but were able to come back and experience life again just one day at a time!)
The teachers impress so much here in the village of Utopachi. There are so many peace corp workers especially on my cul de sac!
A Phillipine lady and I are the only the ones in the cul de sac that weren't in the Peace Corp. Two couples worked in Uzbekistan, the man sharing the sped and ED responsibilities with me worked in Bangaladesh and the new lady that arrived today worked two years in West Africa! These young folks want another experience of working again in a totally different culture.
These Indians are Americans but in a way, it's like being in a different country. We are so lonely and isolated from the rest of civilization. You especially feel it when you look up and see those infinite amount of stars with no city lights to interfere!
"The ring represents infiniti and you are not it"
and she wanted gone from her reality and that you never existed in her world that she so wanted to control, ...
this witch from another life cursed you with that ever present thought!

"I've moved on. I'm happily married now!"
She lies in written and spoken words as most women he encountered in his life with the exception of Alene.
She still can barely make ends meet bringing up her fatherless children with another drive by boyfriend, but
she says it so effectively with that cold frigid look that haunts you in your dreams..
she has put on weight and is still beautiful after her devolution into an ice witch!..
she is busy helping her current transient boyfriend, in his business...
she momentarily meets your eyes sensing your presence ...
she is angry that she still sometimes sees your face in her dreams
she freezes your soul with her gaze...

you wake up and hug Buffy. It's 725 and you are late as usual! You want to just stay in bed and feed off your puppy's happiness as the sun comes streaming in the windows warming up the Serendipachi mountains in your backyard!
No worries,Mate! Wake up and smell your pinon nut coffee brewing in your automatic coffee machine!



    A story tells that two friends

    were walking

    through the desert
    During some point of the

    journey they had an

    argument, and one friend

    slapped the other one

    in the face.

    The one who got slapped

    was hurt, but without

    saying anything,

    wrote in the sand:



    They kept on walking

    until they found an oasis,

    where they decided

    to take a bath.

    The one who had been

    slapped got stuck in the

    mire and started drowning,

    but the friend saved him

    After he recovered from

    the near drowning,

    he wrote on a stone:



    The friend who had slapped

    and saved his best friend

    asked him, "After I hurt you,

    you wrote in the sand and now,

    you write on a stone, why?"

    The other friend replied

    "When someone hurts us

    we should write it down

    in sand where winds of

    forgiveness can erase it away.

    But, when someone does

    something good for us,

    we must engrave it in stone

    where no wind

    can ever erase it."






    They say it takes a

    minute to find a special

    person, an hour to

    appreciate them, a day

    to love them, but then

    an entire life

    to forget them.

    Send this phrase to

    the people you'll never

    forget. If you don't

    send it to anyone,

    it means you're in a

    hurry and that you've

    forgotten your friends.

    Take the time to live!

    Do not value the THINGS

    you have in your life. But value

    WHO you have in your life!

    I saw this in "pagan falls" and thought I'd share it.

  2. I got a kick out of hearing the mountain of Iowa Jima where the soldiers mounted their flags.
    mt.Suripachi. It reminded me of my mt. serendipachi!

  3. speak for yourself, rj. You and others only insult.

    All of you have personally insulted me in some way or another starting with the insult on my handle.

    Im sure many of you will write letters to the powers that be to have me banned. No big deal.

    I don't mind being a sacrifice for free speech. I have written letters to your editors and they obviously have a double standard with no clear cut rules to ad hominem attacks.

    This site represents the double standard your glorious administration has to laws. They can break the rules but no one in the good ole boy network can!

    I don't know of one blogger on here, even Unsane, that doesn't personally insult and ocasionally get down to the level of a sophomore.

    I will gladly debate, on an adult level when there are some folks that talk above a high school level and don't regurgitate Fox!

    you being the most mature of the high schoolers, rj,thankyou at least for the being the only one calling me by my real handle. Im going to bed. Im sure Ill be banned by morning. God bless!


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