It was my first day back at school with a week of preparation before the kids arrive. All of a sudden I realized what was happening since I left 2 weeks early for my father's funeral in OZ. These plotting conniving ladies with the manipulations of the Borg will try to force me out of my classroom or assign me with the severely retarded children since the Borg does not want to handle those kids anymore. I am so glad that it appears that there will be a male principal to back me up. The Borg manipulated her way into the mind of MCB last year and arrived into the inner sanctum of power until Erowyn came back in the nick of time from her pregnancy. It is so nice to work for a woman that isn't a power hungry control freak with very little experience.
I walked into my old classroom and ask if they are moving us into another classroom.
Betty Lou is getting paid to sit on her butt instead of listening to a boring seminar on Baldridge again! She has parked herself as she usually does laying her claim to her corner of her home away from home.
"I don't know where you are going, but I'm staying here!"
I thought to respond but I thought I better wait since she obviously had talked to the Borg!

I am happy that the principal appears to want to support us in any way. I feel that it will be a long fight this year if I don't assert myself with these conniving controlling ladies who want to take my ED students away from me especially since I have had success with them!

Thursday- back to the land of enchantment
I've been here two weeks now after a wonderfully rejuvenating time in OZ! Sometimes I feel like everything seems to be falling into place with this exciting year despite the tampering of my schedule from the Borg and the very angry spell cast on me from a witch of the past...(sometime I might talk about that when I'm really in the mood ...I'm just not in the mood now to talk about this very negative energy that has drained me in the past...I'll also go into the bizarre road trip on highway 666 and the incredible storm pelting down ice while being sheltered in the hot tub underneath chairs to protect our heads! That was fun as if the the evil Morgan le Fay was creating this tempest and we just relaxed in the hot tub with 100 km winds creating havoc and pushing pool chairs into the pool and tub around us while we just laughed!!..;)

Clay walked in Mr. Rauch's classroom when I was chatting with him about the year and a real rush came over me as if to say everything that I hoped for this year can happen. He was motivated to start coming to school so he could graduate and play football again. I had him call the clinic for a physical so he could start going to practice! I sense how he will help the turn the losing football team around along with being such a benefit to wrestling and baseball. The principal said that we will probably lose the wrestling team but I told him that the local Indian chapters would probably be able to help the team. I just hope that he will finally buckle down.

This junior has so much volatility but he appeared to be much more mature and the other students like him so much. I feel that a winning football team and all the things that we can do with chess will really jetison the Utopachi community out of the mire that they have been in.
Even the old female athletic director was friendly to me on Monday when I chatted with her about her trip with girls from all over the state to Australia. She even asked me about the what kind of beer they have in Queensland, XXXX! (I miss this beautiful land already like a lost lost gf that has been waiting for me all my life but I feel I still have a mission here with the natives.)

Two other teachers wanted to help me with the chess program and I know that the program can really flourish as we show how this thinking game can be the solution to improving test scores before Bush's "no child left behind" bullshit will force the school into reorganization!


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