Carpe Oz!!

It is so great to get up early in the AM! I realize more and more how I need to sieze the day and get up to enjoy these moments of sunshine on the Gold Coast as the sun comes streaming in the morning. Wouldn't it be so nice to share each dawn and sunset with your soulmate over a cup of JavaQ!
... went for a walk this morning before 9 to find out why the ocean was closed in front of my flat as I saw them put up a sign for no swimming as the surfmobile stopped by my stretch of Mermaid Beach. I saw the old man ( big Aussie Ceo of Baskin and Robbins ?? ) look out from the penthouse of his 4 story fortress. He has the balcony to look out. I waved to him and he did'nt appear to want to converse with peasants. He appeared to be watching until I looked back in the binoculars back at him from the beach.
I made it to one of the veteran life guards, maybe close to my ripe old age, about the rip and the general way they guard the beach with cameras set to zoom in from every life guard station set about every 7oo meters. After conversing, it looked like I might get my 2nd tatoo from the beach as I bumped the guard vans back door. Of course my hat obstructed the view of it and bang!, another blow to my head. He came down from his perch in the little guard promontory to make sure I was ok, but I said, "No worries!" and he smiled with the good humor so many Aussies from OZ have!


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