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You still can't see my posts and I'm about to leave this paradise. I walk along the beach for about 15 minutes without almost a 500 km jaunt across traffic and another skyscraper being built next to Pacific Fair ... before arriving at the Mermaid Beach Library. They are currently digging way down deep to where the sand ends and find a substantial ground for this new residential tower. It looks like the same amount of area as twin towers(??)...who knows??
Would something like this be another target for the Hezbollah mindset to attack. There are thousands of Arab looking tourists coming to the Gold Coast everyday...How can you not think that one of them could be a t err ourist??? ( I hope that I don't sound racist, but one cannot help having those images when you are reminded of 911 and when even a local resident of the largest beach skyscraper in the world told me of his fears that one of these daily planes that soar across the coast frequently, might go a little off course)

Im over at Andy's downstairs from my flat on the beach..... Frustrated that I cant get onto the site and talk to you. Something is holding me up from sharing more thoughts about the last weekend in OZ!
I wish that I could just stay here until next summer/winter in Oz. I lovethis place and lifestyle of being able to swim anytime I wanted to...I just spent alot of hours attempting to body surf after losing my courage to really take these angry waves...they were dangerous today and I was worried about really breaking my neck from the force of angry bartender or bouncer to be angry at...only respect for the incredible forces of mother nature
I feel so frustrated that I can't talk to you immediately. I'm sure somehow all my new posts and essays will eventually be shown to you. It's wierd but I need to know that folks are reading this everyday and it doesn't even have the counter since I renewed my membership! Everything was cancelled!
Today was a great warm day without the really strong cold winds from the south. Instead of going to Movieworld thanks to a discounted pass from a wonderful friend, I had to stay on the beach and work on my tan. I had to absorb it some more with the spark of addaboy and some herb to think of things in a much more expaned conciousness. I feel how much clearer that my goal for the year has to be to stay here most of my life. It is our family home and this country has all of my roots. The people think the same as me especially about getting the best price for the dollar. No tipping and the service just loves appreciation. I have no fear of saying thank you as I would when getting s…

Check out Its hilarious!

Entertainment Weekly Upgrades Al Gore's 'Cool' Status
Posted by Greg Sheffield on July 17, 2006 - 11:18.
Slapstick Politics has an excerpt from a recent Entertainment Weekly article on Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth." It turns out documentary films about global warming have a way of making people cool. This should be encouraging news for science club high schoolers around the country.
Minds are being changed, all right, and not just about global warming. Miraculously, over the past few months, An Inconvenient Truth has accomplished something many people once thought inconceivable: It's made Al Gore cool. The somber policy wonk who campaigned for president in 2000 with all those bland speeches about lockboxes is gone. He's now a hip and trendy (in a wonky sort of way) ecological activist. While promoting the movie this summer, Gore has been connecting with crowds more effortlessly and comfortably — even charismatically — than he ever did as a poli…
I need a fix of my knowing my site has been brought back from the undead of cyber limbo where no one knows your existence and you fall of the face of the earth....
the waves crash you down and drag you half ways towards Surfer's Paradise...
you feel the mortality from the crunching power of thousands of gallons of water mere putty in her powerful hands
....It would be nice to know my writing is being read again with the little community at Parthenon "Place"
..the days run by like the ever speeding current of the Gold Coast as it rounds the bend of Byron Bay in it's northward journey towards the tip of OZ!!
the growing industry of Hydro keeps you buzzed
while wishing you could just sail your borrowed boogy board in the ocassional southward current to the easternmost point of OZ
where you can cavort again with dolphins and mermaids from all over the world...
in your last few days of freedom and "no worries, mate!"
before flying back to reality..

you made a promise to y…

Carpe Oz!!

It is so great to get up early in the AM! I realize more and more how I need to sieze the day and get up to enjoy these moments of sunshine on the Gold Coast as the sun comes streaming in the morning. Wouldn't it be so nice to share each dawn and sunset with your soulmate over a cup of JavaQ!
... went for a walk this morning before 9 to find out why the ocean was closed in front of my flat as I saw them put up a sign for no swimming as the surfmobile stopped by my stretch of Mermaid Beach. I saw the old man ( big Aussie Ceo of Baskin and Robbins ?? ) look out from the penthouse of his 4 story fortress. He has the balcony to look out. I waved to him and he did'nt appear to want to converse with peasants. He appeared to be watching until I looked back in the binoculars back at him from the beach.
I made it to one of the veteran life guards, maybe close to my ripe old age, about the rip and the general way they guard the beach with cameras set to zoom in from every life guard stati…

3 more weeks in Paradise!!

a day later, Friday...I am really bummed out that you cannot pull up my site's as though the metaphoric umbilical cord has been cut off ...I worry that somebody on the growing hate list for Garvald nuked my site somehow??, the paranoia sets in that I haven't made the necessary safety procedures to save all my writing for the last 2 years....fantasy to fame punctured with the iceberg to sink in the bottomless ocean of failed dreams pp,pass---- I asked the I Ching Oracle: ----I love someone who does not love me. I still cannot stop thinking of her.Present: **** 32. Heng - Constancy, PerserveranceContinue to the end because luck comes to the enduring who have faith in themselves.Future: **** 34. Ta Chuang - Power of the GreatTemper force with wisdom and there will be You think about all the things that you wanted to do in your life and all it took was the mindset to do it. For the moment, I've realized how much I love seeing the Pacific as my backyard every AM! Mor…
Garvald finally arrives back from Byon Bay after tangoing with his fantasy of not getting older while camping out with kids less than haaalf his age!! Where the oldest female is 25, but he swims in the fantasy of still being there age while trying all different HHHerbs! (folks here pronounce the H) He parties until his old body can't stave off the narcolepsy of age, missing out on the best parties or luvin' while all the youngsters are having multiple partners, boys and Sheila in this club Med type paradise!!

So the biggest drawbacks to Oz are the high prices, and paying for Ketchup...1$ sometimes for a couple of table spoons! But I would still do anything to have this paradise everyday! Swimming in the ocean in 68 degree water in the middle of winter! The Pacific Ocean is my backyard! Better than some man made lake big enough to throw a stick acroos in the OkieZone with the obligatory power boat to go waterskiing in!!!

I have still so much to do to fix up in this apartment...I …