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Well, I made it safely to Mermaid Beach and now I've found a cyber cafe in Surfer's paradise after playing a couple games of chess on Cavell Avenue. It's also nice to find a little herb to deal with Dad's death while I swim and surf in the beautiful ocean. Dad has such a beautiful view from his flat on the beach. I want to keep this place in our family despite the pressure to sell. Real estate has gone sky high on Hedges Avenue!

Dad's funeral is on Sunday and I visited with the Anglican minister who will be giving the service.

Today was another gorgeous day but it's not so fun all alone thinking of the family. We were all together on the beach with our other close families 40 years ago. I wish that my old self could go back and talk to my young self to enjoy myself as much as possible and how much I would have had becoming Australian! There are so many young Asians that are allowed here and wishing that I had the chance to really grow up here and even bring…
My father is about to die in Australia. My brother and I have to make the decision about whether to put him on a ventilator. My brother is against the idea and also the doctor. The doctor just called me from the hospital continuing to stress the dignity of his death berses just prolonging his death in 4 or 5 days.

I wished that he had just let me spent time with him when I had taken time off from working. Muffy is one of the few now to comfort me through this but I just have a feeling that Dad might be able to make it through. It sounds selfish, but I do want to see him. I could sense the Doctor was continuing to be condescending to me.

I've had a few more chats especially the chats with two friendly couples asking for help in my time of need while everything doesn't register. Ron and I were just waiting for the time for it to happen!

I want Dad to fight. Mom knows how he is still is so important in my life...I go into a spiritual mode with my survival instinct thinking Dad is so…
Just two weeks left!
I was telling Raphael over an evening game of chess outside on a very warm spring evening in the desert how this is the best time of the year. All the teachers are relaxed because they have their 3 good reasons to be a teacher (June, July and August) ....more than half the resident teachers of the potential utopia are leaving.
I was thinking last night as 5 of us solved the world problems over some Bud wiser, how great it would be if all of us were together in the same school with our varying degrees of liberal intellectualism. (Buffy is looking at me right now in between pants after she raced to keep up with me on Mark's mt. bike as I type away to you telling her how much I love her). I was telling Mr. Rauch on our intellectual evening binge combined with a mt. bike ride during the heat of the day. I was doing my best just trying to keep up with his wife on the ride let alone these young studs on bikes! All of it was the best weekend of the whole year!
I got to…
Sei di Maggio!
Not sure how to spell the Italian for the 6th of May on a lazy warm Saturday spring day! I figure that I have 10 minutes to chat with you before I head on out to the flea market in the city in the middle of these high altitude Indian reservations just west of the continental divide. All water I use heads to the EL Pacifico. (That was a good beer while eating fish on one of the beaches in Puerto Vallarte! I won the lottery at this Woodlake Tennis Club tournament lottery about 20 years ago! Another time, another life when most of these teachers around me were still in
grammar school! Fraulein Schmidt is the only older teacher in My cul de sac!)

I have visions of next year bringing more teachers together by sponsoring some sort of party (BYOB and herb) at least once per month! I wonder why I should be so secretive about good herb because it lowers your blood pressure and puts you into just the right amount of euphoria to celebrate life!..the only time in this particular shell…