"It was the decision after 9/11 not to continue to track down al Qaeda and bin Laden at all costs in a total, you know, a total effort, but to shift attention down to the old problem of Iraq. And that decision, I would suggest, you respond to this, is the single and the signature issue of this administration." C. Mathews.

We had 10,000 troops going after Bin Laden without any luck!
"Hey here's a great opportunity, Mr. prez, to sidetrack the folks since we cant find ole bin Laden and you have so many wealthy oil friends related to him that you let out after 911! This way you can keep them happy and do what yo daddy wasnt able to do! git Saddam and make some money in the oil business again. Heck, jr, you can have this war paid for by oil and then americans will say waht a great presdent you are since because of all this oil, we can have cheap gas!"

"Hey, yeh Karl! What would I do without you and by the way, you think I awta let libby tell the reporters about that Jerk wilsons wife is in the cia?? That aughta teach him and any liberal not to mess with george!"

And the President cannot say, ‘I made a profound error because he’s admitting his administration is a disaster if he does, doesn’t he?" CM

"Hey, Karl, sorry but I think youd be better helping my party in the elections since I F....... up!"

"Yeh, George, you shouldnt have said you didnt know Katrina would be such a disaster! I told you to come back from your long vacation earlier! These liberals might get envious of your long vacations and bike ridin with lance!"

"How do we sidetrack 'merica again, Karl?"

"How about arresting a cia agent for leaking?"

"Hey yeh, Karl, thanks!"


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