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Almost 4:20 on another Lazy Sunday afternoon in the windy desert spring

I figure that it's important that I have a little discipline to write to you each's funny the feelings you get after a little kind catnip mixture of eroticism, raw horniness and then crazy midlife desires of starting a family in the little neigbors of the tiny cute cul desac are washing their cars and doing gardening. Last night, the English teacher across from my class, Mr. Rauch, Raphael (Erowyn's husband), and I had a few beers outside looking at the stars wishing the street lamp wasnt working. Raphaels great aim and velocity nailed both the shell , and the outer glass of the bulb with a couple of rocks. Each time, it looked like it would go out but it came back....
the stars in the desert are so beautiful, shame about the lights
and then its nice to have some intellectual conversation until the wee hours in the am while expanding our horizons...;)

I'm starting to wish that most of the teachers would stay as I get to know them and start having hop…

4/22 What do with a Saturday??,

Type about neocons on newsbusters to get a rise out of them as Bush plummets to 33% in even a very right wing faux news poll Or should I just head to the flea mkt and check out the herbs with the native herb lady??....Thanks for giving me a little kindness to spice up the coffee buzz sans the addaboy! Hearing her voice sure buoys up my lonely morning as the sun shines in and I cuddle my clean buffy debating about listening to NPR, How to love women(?) with Richard Gere (while fantasizing about what life you might have had in adult suburbian, being a female girlycologist). M's going through a few physical and domestic squabbles but her resiliency and love even from over 1200 miles keeps her happy in her newly bought home.
Her home was only like someone to live with a few years until something better popped up verses owning him and knowing all her work on him will only increase the value of her investment!
probably for the longest time, I fellt my own worth was how others judged me. I…


"It was the decision after 9/11 not to continue to track down al Qaeda and bin Laden at all costs in a total, you know, a total effort, but to shift attention down to the old problem of Iraq. And that decision, I would suggest, you respond to this, is the single and the signature issue of this administration." C. Mathews.

We had 10,000 troops going after Bin Laden without any luck!
"Hey here's a great opportunity, Mr. prez, to sidetrack the folks since we cant find ole bin Laden and you have so many wealthy oil friends related to him that you let out after 911! This way you can keep them happy and do what yo daddy wasnt able to do! git Saddam and make some money in the oil business again. Heck, jr, you can have this war paid for by oil and then americans will say waht a great presdent you are since because of all this oil, we can have cheap gas!"

"Hey, yeh Karl! What would I do without you and by the way, you think I awta let libby tell the reporters about th…

4:50 Las Vegas time

I figure that I need to write down at least for five minutes every day regardless of my mood or whether I want to bare my soul to you again?? I've been comatose the most of the day going through my various moods of low blood sugar induced by celebratory (?) herb...
I was inspired by this long historymentary of Leonardo, Il Maestro. He fit so much into his 69 years. It makes me want to research about the remarkable genius way ahead of his time. He wanted to fit so much into his life with so many projects it almost makes me want to search creativity and ADD...

I thought that this research might be interesting to anyone curious about loving someone with ADD:)
Structure Does Matter
Too much structure may inhibit creativity in non-ADD young people, this is not normally so in ADD individuals in whom the creative impulses are "built in". To underscore this point let's consider tragic aspects of the career of one of the greatest creative talents in history.
Leonardo da Vinci

Back to Vegas or happy fool's paradise (?)

We buy into an adult disney land. The lure, temptations and positive reinforcements of easy money and lots of booze overcomes all the losses... it makes you think that you will earn $300 for the chess team! At first my goals were honorable and I was up $100 and then I started to easily drift to thoughts of a table dance or taking up one of the many propositions from young attractive ladies for safe sex even with the blessing of Muffy ??!!

I don't want to go through all the hassle of being screwed financially and physically by someone that has no feelings towards you! And what if the condom broke or she didn't even turn you on!
It's easier to just roll the dice or tell the dealer to hit you your winning card!

I'm down $100 from the same place as before where I met my demise, Casino Royale! You lose the $100 you won for the chess team and then you break out another 50! You have get up and pick up the chips!
"Drop the drink and walk away from the table!"
or you'l…