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Low Moonday

Low Moonday
I think everyone is feeling the low ebb of the moon as their energy is waning and we often plateau in our growth during this phase .. I have to be careful about trying herb when there's a significant chance of feeling lonely.
It's that sadness when you see the spring rain almost color the desert shrubbery green. With the mist and clouds, the mountains looked almost Irish. and I see the clouds rolling down the foothills almost as if I can reach the Navaho Gods! Buffy is running and so happy to experience her 2nd spring with me.
She helped me escape the Okie Zone and now we can both do our magic. Eventually I want to pray that I will meet a medicine man so that I could share with him and let him share his powers with my future and me.
I'm looking forward to going to a sweat lodge. I see that in the future. I then thought that someone could bring out the bagpipes to celebrate being in the highlands of Scotland, but I'm in Indian Country a guest of this land.
I can …

Snowed in and nestled in by Mt. Serendipachi

I'd like to start getting in the habit of writing to you as a first priority before I go blogging and searching for an audience to voice my complaints about Republi cons as the world outside of Utopachi disintergrates! I see on the news how there's all sorts of tornadoes and fires everywhere including Okiehoma.
I sometime almost wish that a tornado came through and took my house since Muffy has my good paintings in safe keeping and the house is worth far more with insurance. I just would like my good renter to be safe!
I feel a lot more comfortable with him than the previous resident axe murderer. It always gave me the willies when I saw axes by both the front and back doors. ... don't let me get started on blokes like him that feel justified in sticking you with a huge ac bill! aah, I was feeling good until I started thinking about that mistake and the social chairman and wife who pushed him on me with their own guarantee that I wouldn't be stiffed! ...I'm glad he&#…

Great Night Sleep!

It's amazing how much better you feel after a great night's sleep! Wednesday, March 1st, 2006!
I was feeling so horrible yesterday morning worried that I lost my hearing but I wanted to still make sure that I woke up early yesterday because we are having testing Tuesdays and Thursdays these two weeks. I woke up in the middle of the night with a buzzing in my right ear and I couldn't get back to sleep worried about the testing since I felt like I'd be under scrutiny. I made it through the day and scheduled a visit with the doctor to get some eardrops to fight the infection. My blood pressure was the lowest ever in my life, 113/74, after taking lots of garlic pills everyday for the last 2-3 weeks. It was about 150/90 when I was under the stress and paranoid about the meeting with my administrators. I've been so much better since the meeting after taking the Bull by the horns!
"Addaboy" says Muffy.

I get the support from a lot of the staff and I felt they were …