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Sorry that I haven't talked to you much lately. I wanted to finally give you some good news after being stressed out with the usual Ground Hog February when everything seems to be building up. Today was another great day and a relief after two long weeks. I'm excited that things seem to be falling into place and I gave a little speech about developing a cross-curricular human chess match. During our monthly staff workshop, I asked the staff for help in getting this project off the ground. I will be asking for 32 volunteers to participate in this school wide activity. They can dress up as Mayans against the Conquistadors and exhibit a chess match in front of the school in the gym. There will be a large screen showing an accurate classic chess match with magnificent sacrifices and brilliant moves while the students act out each move. They will all develop a script and a story of the game while this action is going on. A host will be describing the action while we see the pieces …