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Carpe Diem instead of another Ground Hog Day!

I forgot what I was going to start a new essay about. I feel the spirit again and the sadness of the coal mining people doing their best to eak out a living in Appalachia. These men have sacrificed their lives below so that their loved ones could survive up above while the while wife and kids stayed at home.
I could almost empathize with the common man doing his best to survive in the coal mines of a century ago fighting the robber barons, the ancestors of the American royalty ...(the rich patriarchs starting dynasties of rich American families)
I'm wanting to at least discipline myself to chat with you at least 5 minutes a day...I sense how I am in the middle of an adventure settling down with my little family, Buffy and me. She's curled up right now with the space heater going all night to keep my portable warm. It's become almost an evening ritual coming to my classroom to visit with you loyally a few nights a week. It's funny how a relationship developes with you, m…

Happy New Year

Janurary 4th, 06
Ok, I've had my 3rd day. Clay was let out of Juvi for maybe resising arrest. He tells me differently after I finally see him peering through the trailer window. I hear about his experiences and think that maybe there is a chance that he's learned from his experience of civilation's timeout room, jail.
He had to learn to become patient for 48 hours actually reading, talking, and playing chess with a few other offenders. The holding center is behind the gas station and there's more but I don't want to say even though this is a fictitious site.
I think about the town, Stone Boat, where three were murdered execution style along a dirt road perpendicular to the highway.
There is a murderer still hiding out somewhere in the reservation.
I think about how Clay needs to stay on the right side of the law rather than hanging out with young criminals of all kinds. Maybe he will say to himself that this isn't the life for him.
I've maybe said too much and wo…