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Angry reader defines Garvald!


4 up, 5 down

Like grr, "garvald" can be said in times of great stress and/or annoyance. Can also be spelled "garrvald", "garvaald", or "garrvaald".
Garvald! I lost the game again!

I saw this in the Urban dictionary . I wondered when my name might draw some notoriety. I saw it posted from late this summer..probably from an angry reader.

note: my new word was published... it's cool to not become angry at a reader's malicious perspective on can develop the philosophy of just observing their anger almost from a distance
they have rationalized a reason to despise what you represent???
freedom?? perhaps?
instead it's just fun to write about your feelings and the characters you meet in your life!
Making a joke about others and especially yourself is the best way to deal effectively with liebentraumen
by the way
a new word was just published and accepted by the majority of editors of this new found word bank!

bipolar wiccan-http://www.…
It is really upsetting that I can't even access my own blog to write.

I feel good about today, although I lost a game of chess to a teacher I usually dominate!
Now the school district doesn't even let me see my own blog after 330! I guess they must be monitoring teachers and their searches. I almost have a feeling that one of my many enemies called the district and exposed this blog. Are they waiting for me to write something that incriminates myself and then only allowing me access during school hours when ...I hardly have time to write since I have been busy...But then the limited access time makes me just want to write more!

I had a relatively good Iep meeting where most of the meeting was with me and the 17 year old student who skips classes most of the time. I asked him what was the reason that he even comes to school other than to just socialize with his homies!
In a week's time, I'll be going walkabout through mid- America and enjoy the nomadic existence with my fav…
A cleansing snow is finally coming down over the Serendipachi Mountains

..I didn't have chess practice today and took off from school so I take care of business in town. Just going there and facing it was such a relief. I could not believe how nice the judge was but he won't be the same one in trial. It could be that cold ice queen that others have talked about but I will cross her bridge when I come to it. Sometimes when you think about the worse case scenario it is so pleasing when things are not as bad as they could be. I visited my class with the sub to make sure that he understood the work for the kids and it was so nice to see good behavior from my two boys! They were smiling and clay was working in my comfy chair after seeing that he helped himself to my instant cains coffee with chickory and probably hot chocholate. They love my cocoa/coffee mixture. It was such a treat for them bringing my expresso machine and making Cappucinos for them on the last day before Thanksgiv…

New Moon over the Village!

Does he think things are for the worse?? He was stopped the other night ....Was a curse put on him again just as the gypsy had done to him about 5 years ago??
( "Gypsies are justly famed for their psychic powers and the ability to curse or bring good luck to those that cross their path.")Deja Vu or Groundhog evening all over again?? He made foolish decisions Friday night and was happy to see freedom again Saturday after the longest night since 5 years ago in Oklahoma. Then it was only a couple of months after 911 and now it's the post election let down. A husband of a wonderful lady committed suicide a week before. The funeral for him is tomorrow...Maybe he thinks it's a curse but he seems to still have a guardian angel watching over him?? He should have kept Mom's sweater in the trunk as he usually does for protection! You wonder if the area has a curse as so many used to say or do things happen in cycles?? Greatness comes out of adversity!
Brad bought an inexpens…


The beginning of the end for the neocons! Rummy resigns and we will control the house and shortly after we count the last votes we will control the senate. Bush and his white house Mafiosa will be held accountable for their crimes including war crimes!

What a day yesterday was! The police came in to do a check of red verses blue gangs and do an assesment of our campus! Jesus has taken over the sped department with his pseudo hippy bs ...saying to everybody that he didn't want to do it but the principal asked him to do it since the Borg is out on mental leave for a few weeks. We had a meeting about the conflicts in the life skills class with those matriarchal ladies who love to sit on their gluteus maximusses. The first meeting went well but then they all continued conspiring for the next hour while I taught finally in my old room without pass interference from these meddling ladies! Wfhen I come back from teaching they are all sitting there in the life skills class (there were no l…
He wakes up from his Dream of future residency near Paradise!
(His beloved flat is a few miles down the coast from Surfer's Paradise.)

The large raven flies everyday in the school courtyard
.Where does she reside? Is she waiting for the chess board to be finished? G sees her every morning and wonders if he/she is a sign from the gods?? The Romans talked of the ravens flying over the left side as sinister. Sinistra is Latin for left, the root of the word. Does he see her on the left or the right?? Left is evil according the right wing neocon fascists but so were the Jews in Hitlers Germany. Folks fear anybody that can think. Despite being in an intellectual environment humans still are intimidated by intelligence or a new better way of learning.
He overhears Bettylou whining about her treatment when she caused a scene yesterday again about "her" computer. She claims that hers doesn't work so she "acquired" another sped computer that could be used to help student…

a day ahead sometime in the Future!

I've been so lazy just hanging out here on the beach walking everywhere. I brought my mountain bike to ride up to Surfer's to play chess with the old folks who give me colds in the Ozzie winter sometimes! I had to have the bike shop take the bike apart before sending it to Mermaid Beach. Raphael put it together for me. I was torn between letting them take care of her or letting her enjoy the wonderful warmness of Oz ...a distant land where there aren't faux hippies who camp out in your home a few months and have only hate rather than gratitude. Matriarchal Aussie hippies believe in keeping their fathers around... so there's far less divorce and fatherless puppies in Oz!
I've been waiting anxiously for Buffy to go through the final months of quarantine before she's allowed to run on certain parts of my beach. How will she have puppies when I have a second floor flat? Maybe my neighborly residents of the Parthenon won't keeping them in one corner of the little…
The elections are coming up in 3 weeks and I see how this country has become so divided. It is so filled with hate and anger. I want to escape to Australia where folks are friendly. Families stay together even when the going gets tough. Children don't have several different fathers that are never part of their lives.

There is so much hypocrisy in this country. Reformed sinners appear to the be the worst and the most moralistic. Especially if they used to do lots of drugs and quit.They used to be hippies that smoked lots of weed and now they date cowboys that drink Capt. Morgan! tdf Suddenly they are on their high horse and judge teachers that ocassionally imbibe at the end of the day to lower their blood pressure instead of booze!
Bush is a prime example for being a reformed sinner. He smoked weed , did cocaine and drank a lot. Now rumor has it that he's drinking again.
Unfortunately teachers are put on this pedestal where they are not allowed to sin, where as the sinners are the…

Sting rays into the heart!

Garvald asks one of the neighbors who would play him if they made a movie about his life?
will they play him in a chess movie? Robert Deniro, Tom Hanks... Robin Williams??. Robin would undertand ADD the most since he's bipolar! He's so excited about the chess and needs to tell someone who also believes in his dream!
Of course the story is fictitious. (I am actually in Australia writing all of this about an imaginary sped teacher.)
He rides his old reliable 10 speed down to the touch football game between the classes. Later they all go down to the bonfire party and competition between the classes. He sees all of the tribes gathering before the fires. He is so glad the kids are coming together and wishes for more community involvement. G gets more adult recruits for his chess project that will involve the whole community.
He imagines the whole community watching a human chess match!

Ok G, when will you start painting it?

I dunno?? I'm kinda of in a funky situation....worried about…

21,000 VISITS!!

Garvald asks one of the neighbors who will play him in his chess movie? Robert Deniro, Tom Hanks or Robin Williams. Robin would undertand ADD the most since he's bipolar! He's so excited about the chess and needs to tell someone who also believes in his dream!
Of course the story is fictitious. (I am actually in Australia writing all of this about an imaginary sped teacher.)

He rides his old reliable 10 speed down to the touch football game between the classes. Later they all go down to the bonfire party and competition between the classes. He sees all of the tribes gathering before the fires. He is so glad the kids are coming together and wishes for more community involvement. G gets more adult recruits for his chess project that will involve the whole community.
He imagines the whole community watching a human chess match!

Ok G, when will you start painting it?

I dunno?? I'm kinda of in a funky situation....worried about whether to pass Clay and Marty hoping that they'll …
If We Paint It, They Will Come!

So Garvald is in town for his seminar, seeing Jesus even bragging about all the great things he is doing with His chess players! He wonders if even Jesus will attempt to overshadow his own accomplishments with his chess players. They all have lunch at a restaurant on the gregarious proactive principal. Jesus is bragging about his accomplisments in
"My classes!" Garvald wonders if the real Jesus had an ego too?? I suppose so=! I'm sure others wondered about this bloke's ego if he kept saying that God's his Dad and that he can get as many fish from the lake besides making tons of wine (what a party that I wouldn't be invited to) from all the water in the very shallow lake across highway 666! ( sorry, I was getting carried away!)
So Garvald eats his lunch with Jesus, Julio, the Borg, his favorite Iep facilitator, our secretary and the Principal. It could have been an Iep meeting. The Borg, Jesus, Julio and even the principal love to …

Full Moon over the Serendipachi Mountains

Full Moon over the Serendipachi Mountains!
Garvald plays poker with his neighbors not worried about the poker game while he intoxicates himself with the company. He walks Buffy after the game looking up at his moon running behind the clouds.
Another week has happened with his Navaho tribe and he is ready for some more adventures!
He is more aware of his finity in his mortal shell. Another teacher about his age has a stroke helping him realize how little time there is to do the magnificent things he can do while enjoying life as much as he can.
Betty lou makes peace with him setting up a meeting to discuss the behavior contract for Marty. Julio with his Venezuelan accent loves to hear himself speak, so G brings out the chess clock so he can get a point in edgewise . He wants to let him know how J wants to dominate conversations with his Venezuelan accent that others love to hear so much! more later
The Chess Blossom!

I'm torn between the Balloon Fest or visiting Raphael and Erowyn for Aiden's first birthday in their soulmate haven! They have the most beautiful boy! Breast fed babies are so often the most beautiful babies. M always said that about my head and wonder why my mind loves to go there?? Subconciously does my mind go to that wonderful warm feeling of my long departed mother's warm milk? Does this deep hidden feeling still long for me to be involved again in that beautiful feeling?? Will I ever be a father and relive that wonderful experience through my children?
(post script a day later): I keep talking about weird coincidences! I came home late last night after getting sidetracked on newsbusters and there was this late night news show talking about how mothers are sending their milk to the starving and dying babies of Africa. It is helping them survive. They are able to fight off the aids and start gaining weight again. They are looking so much healthier! Isn…
Finding my inner warrior!
"Stoking The Fire Within and Awakening The Inner Warrior"
"There are certain personality archetypes that we all carry within us, such as the inner child, the lover, and the mother. Some of these archetypes present themselves strongly, while others lay fallow. For example, there is an inner warrior in each one of us, but in some of us this warrior is underdeveloped to the point that we are unable to stand up for ourselves, even when necessary.

For too long I have sat back while I let others take control. At the moment, I feel like I'm competing with a Jedi Jesus just out of two years with the Peace Corp in Bangladesh! I have let Jesus take over the life skills class and the Navaho ladies love him and hate me like I'm Judas??
Now he handles the work study and is about to hire someone else to work for him. Jesus definitely has the power. Today when Marla, the original work study quit so she could have her baby, he immediately decided to take h…
Last lazy summer Sunday in the REZ!
Garvald attempts to enjoy himself and get himself out of his usual morning depression...his biggest fear is missing out on he watches "Chris Mathews" with very poor reception early in the morning and falls back to sleep listening to "Meet the Press...his dreams are mixed in with some infomercial until he wakes up...Buffy is one of his few pleasures and he cuddles her... comforting his loneliness and boredom in the high desert...
He gets his hot tub ready and tastes his last tiny bit of herb to escape while getting some sun in his backyard mixed in with a ride to his office to give his 2 cents to the neocons of Newsbusters...Julio and his wife walk in to do some work or also surf the net...they ignore G...
"will it be a long year?? or will you ever learn to be happy by yourself and not depend on others to cheer you up??"
He scolds himself and then he sees young folks flocking to a peace corp pot luck dinner/barbecue at …
Today was one of the toughest days and it always happens when you have little sleep. You have no energy to deal with Clay and his tantrums. The assistants hate you so you finally go to the principal to get order back in the classroom that these ladies parked in their chairs have sabotaged any of your attempts to teach and have good rapport. The students pick up on this animosity in another language. A good friend that was a long term substitute assistant in that classroom knows how women are.
"Women hold grudges forever and won't let go.They will always hate you."
"They will only make your life hell"
G's mind wanders to all the ex gfs in his life that have never "moved on"(a common statement that is a blatant lie!). Even when they are old and grey, there is nothing worse than a woman scorned. If he lives to be as old as old as his Dad, will she still hate him?? He often wakes up in the am sadly thinking about all of his failed friendships. He hears B…

Swift Boats in the Utopachi River!

SportPolitics Says:
September 13, 2006 - 01:37
I'm still wondering if rhayes school computer ban is in tact RJ.

yep , this computer is the only one that has access to this "forbidden site" and the library was banned or "forbidden access" for a week also
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) DAV/2 PHP/4.3.9 Server at Port 80"

Remember how he went insane - accusing this site of banning all of the reservations school's computers except his own teachers puter...

Then I caught him lying on several fronts- first he was in OZ, then he was here in the USA at 1am on the reservations computers posting to newsbusters...

douchebag with OCD, if you read this site you will see that Ive been teaching for over a month. I was in Oz in July.

I've considered him a complete moronic liar ever since, but he never did as far as I know find out exactly how other computers were "banned" at his - ima…
Spring time in Early Fall
During 9/11 he was in the middle of a relationship about to get engaged wondering about starting a family. His brother was fine. Ron saw the 2nd plane hit and took the ferry across to NJ. Then he saw them both fall from the banks of Hoboken.
Garvald was in love and excited about the possibility of a new life with a new family with children who would love him. He was scared more of that than terrorists.
Now it is 5 years later and loneliness scares him more than terrorists. Scared of being alone in his old age. But he learns to not feel alone when he's with the beautiful nature springing all up around him in the desert.
There is moisture in the air. ....
a feeling of rebirth in the community...
he senses that good can come out of bad....
flowers bloom in the desert...
he gathers them up while they bloom and soaks in the pollen
he tastes the native honey immunizing and immersing himself in the land
he walks his dog in the nature
the sun paints the foothills of Mt. Ser…


G wakes up a couple times wondering how to get out of his normal depression, (the feel sorry for himself attitude... feeling sorta left out like Holden Caulfied did in a world that he felt didn't understand him. He gets into this needy state of desire for company that has scared off many girls after Alene's death. He pull up Buffy loyally sleeping by his right side, he pulls her up and she gives that sigh that comforts him into a few more hours sleep. He's happy to just turn off the radio that comes on each morning at half 6 (aussie;)
After a jumbo egg brekkie(it breaks open into 2 embryos?...a sign??) filled with his normal ingredients of garlic, parmesan cheese , fresh zuchini and Tomahto(aussie pronuncation) sauce, cept it's not ketchup but our version with meat out of a can),
He walks over to Tim Gardener, the local Jesus lookalike... he's on the phone with his gf and then as soon he asks,
"Wassup, G?"
his Dad, who's 2 years younger than him, calls b…

"Be realistic: Plan a miracle" (Labor Day)

A 3 day weekend after only two weeks of school!I open a book of sayings that Dad had and I took it back with me along with all of his beautiful Hawaiian shirts just to know that I'm in his spirit...So it says when you need a solution to what's bothering you or for whatever is on your mind, open the book to a page and the answer will be there!"Please God, how do I have a great day and just enjoying myself today?? "the page said the above statement and I laughed to myself almost as He was talking to me.This book coincidentally and synchronisticly (? spell check won’t let me spell it this way) always has a saying for me that pertains to what's on my my mind goes into this fantasy(?) of there being a God or just the spirit of my Dad talking to me… by the way Muffy told me today she heard tribal music when he was in transition to the other side)He was talking to me ,"You want to enjoy yourself and be happy?, get back to reality!really,G, the way you can…