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Dear Dad,

I love you so much! God, please help Dad recover and that his legs get in good shape. I want to see you in June and tell you about all the wonderful things that will be ahead in my life. I want Muffy to come with me too to see you. I will try to reach you tomorrow!

November 22
I only have 2 hours before I head back to the Okie Zone for some rest and relaxation!

November 26th
15 hours of driving with a stop off few a few hours and have Firestone put a new boot on cv axles (?) I am so mechanically disinclined! It's sure nice to see Muffy but dealing with her unstable blood sugar and her having to take care of her daugter's issues puts her on the high stress level!
It is a beautiful day today in KC and she wants to see me this evening so maybe I can hang around for a few more hours and start heading out this evening. I'll get into Okc maybe by evening??
It's funny being in the area of Westport for Sushi and a beer at the Buzzard Beach to see Chillicothe Dave, the resident phil…

"Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”

Ralph Emmerson

I can't help having vulgur dreams of persecution when I'm continually being contradicted by so many folks.

Buffy has been crying since about 4am and I'm worried about her holding her thinking the worst that maybe she had choked on the steak bone or something horrible. I can't find my keys and I don't want to leave worrying about her health. I worry about like a father would for a child. I want to stay home with her and nurse her.

I wonder why I go into this job where I know that I'll be verbally abused by my students on a daily basis . You then add insult to injury then getting it from the principal when I'm the victim of the abuse.
" There is a difference between having ideas and assuming an expertise better left to other professions!" Mcb emails me with verbal violence after hearing her anger on the phone while the students are listening to me take the verbal lashing.
"You're gonna get fired!"
He laughs derisively after co…