O Zone Reality Check??

10:30 Monday:
The usual prograstination before I finally disnii'sh (I am beginning to work)...
is the biggest vulnerability of someone with my level of ADD!

I have so many things to do, but I would rather talk to you for a few minutes, especially after the current love of my life tells me how beautiful I am. M wants to hold my shaved head in between her awaiting mammary glands. She wants me to stop by KC on the way back to my village...lol...
"I'll just hop a lear jet back to my desert airstrip at the foot of my backyard in front of my Mt. Serendipachi."
(I kissed her and she bit, but she made me feel so good after I climbed her.)

M gave me good news from Lillian, my favorite webmistress, can help me publish my book through the net with a special colored cover and in spiral for only $7.00 and only 3 cents a page after that! Wow to be a published novelist! We will have to find the meatiest and most humorous essays cutting down white anglo saxon rednecks and wannabee Stepford neighbors....that in itself sounds pretty meaty! (she rolls her eyes ;)

O Zone downtown library! 630 pm
I was so excited about getting on here to see the new format of the blog! lillian put it all together. M was even rolling her eyes about even merging her site onto mine! I'm sure the repukes on the tagboard would have coronary bypasses!
L said how my site is a 4 verses hers being a 6. Google rates the sites by the amount of information and traffic. I still don't quite understand, but it makes me feel like I'm getting a wonderful report card when I serendipitously least expect it!
I drove all night last night stopping at "Amarillo by morning"(between 1 and 2) . I need to change over to a new technology phone like Verizon where I can talk anywhere in the US without any fear of roaming!
I am so excited about seeing the results of this new site tomorrow before I take Buffy to the vet.
I want to make M happy and most of all myself, about making this a productive trip:

1.I need to see about getting a prescription for addaboy, so I wont forget important things on this trip like my health insurance card@! (I'm so excited about everything falling into place, even if it's only in small baby steps!
2. I walked into the Irs building like I did last year and rewarded myself with a beautiful walk in the gorgeous downtown park by the botanical gardens! Buffy jumped into the pond and saw her brief life past before her eyes before her head appeared scared as much as a neocon getting drafted! I pulled her out and happy that she finally had a bath!
3. I called the state board to at least know that they recieved my renewal aplication for my state licence over a month ago. I have all the verification forms, the fingerprints, the transcripts, the aplication filled out, so this will be the last step . I still need another form of ID for personell.

I went to a peace rally in OKC Saturday. A prominent liberal, Nathaniel Batchelder, who runs the peace house, was there. I want to write more about my trip and getting a house mate but I'm not really motivated to even write.
I arrived back in the teacheridge about 2am today after about a 10 hour drive! I'm really exhausted but I wanted to at least say hello. I actually enjoyed civilization and filed my taxes! I loved seeing the Paseo again and then the RED ROOSTER! Everyone remembered Buffy and she remembered the regular customers at my favorite intimate neighborhood bar!


  1. Thank you so much Lillian, for making the site look so cool!

  2. Gee G, I like the new look. (Thanx LA!)
    I can't wait to visit you and Buffy next month. You can teach me all the dance moves you've been practicing with your new friends. Spin me around Baby.


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