G finally escapes!

I love this teacherutopia here in this enchanted new land far away from JesusLand! The Serendipachi Mts. are in our backyards! Buffy and I can go playing in the mountains and mountain prairies. We can walk up the the peak and walk from about 6500' to about 9000' ! I'm looking forward to actually hiking or biking up to the peak where we can pray to the universal energy of all animal and plantkind, not just the Kristian god (my perspective on this new Republican version of Him is very much tainted).
I'll chat with you for 5 more minutes before all the teachers and family in this teacheridge community gather together for a barbecue!!. Knock on wood, but I actually feel finally welcome in a community where I'm excited about making a positive impact on the emotionally challenged students I'll be helping to guide. I'm learning Navaho and will learn from my students and the community everything I can so that I might help them better.
Aheehee! lata mates!


  1. Oh, Garvy, The Serendipituitous Mountains? Gee g, wish I was there.
    You were really lettin'em have it on LA's site today; you were on FIYA!
    I tried to call you at school but you'd taken the kids to the library.
    I took L home and watched a movie with my friend Ann.
    Today, Friday, I will be petitioning at a summer festival. Five hours in the heat but for a worthy cause...talk to you SOON. Muff


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