The Turn of the River

There was a beautiful river with a sharp turn or meander with a hill overlooking the view as it also converged with the main river. So there was traffic of boats going by. A castle was built on the crest of this hill. After it had been built it was abandoned or rented out.

Finally a warrior that was fighting in the crusades takes over the castle. He was a legend in his own mind. He immediately sets up a toll as soon as he and the trolless have established their fortress.

Everyone on the once peaceful river now has to pay a toll by listening to this troll. He even invites others to dine on his words. Had anybody heard of the charisma and charm of Genghis Khan, Atillah the hun, or the first redneck troll?
He is full of hot air and anger but has his little army of soldiers sworn in blood. His charm often works on those that believe in his mouth that would easily keep all the lawns along the river fertilized. Instead of only little amount of the manure, the river becomes over polluted with dirt, anger, and filth from the troll and his family.

The troll goes up and down the river by demanding tolls. The toll is to tolerate his hot air for 30 minutes.

This troll rationalizes his behavior thinking that he is making "his" river and the bend a better place. Instead it is only full of anger and hot air.

He especially demand tolls from the pretty maidens that stop by his corner of the river.
His goal in life was to have his own place and become this flirtatious troll. He will often go across the river to flirt with another lord's wife without any consequences from the trolless.

She is afraid that he will go into one of his many temper tantrums that reminds one of the plague that has taken over the kingdom "spoiled brat syndrome"

Anyone that disagrees or refuses to pay his toll will become a victim of his wrath. Even when others flee to distant lands, his tentacles of persuasion will work to make these victims suffer.
Other victims did not want to feel the hot air more foul than the local dragon and walked away only to suffer from his tantrums!


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