Back to the Bullneck Zone

It was sure nice in a way coming back to my own home and the mower did an excellent job mowing the lawn so it was great at least coming back to my own home. The local social troll was making his rounds in the neighborhood the way a bully would trying to round up others to join his gang so that he could be the boss and the center of attention. Anyone that disagrees with him will be on his list to be the victim of his continual tirades. When you look his way, he almost wants to stare you down, Mano a Mano, and then show everyone how tough he is. I wonder how long it will before his new neighbors will see through him and will quit wanting to play with him. I wonder if they realize how hard it is to have a conversation without him being the center of it or with him going off on a lecture trying to show to the world how intelligent he is.

I try to think that he won't start off from where we left off with his explosive lecture on how great he is with computers. Sure enough, he holds a grudge for several weeks. I make the mistake of forgiving him for burglarizing my place and he lets me relax with him and I almost am lured into complacency where he starts his tirades again with me.

I wave to him when he stares at me in his one of his hyperactive walks across the street to flirt with a neighbor. He responds with,
and then later flips me off when I clap when he has to show his expertise in dogs by catching it.

I keep talking to Muffy and other neighbors that you have to realize the source and just rise above it.

When he starts one of his tirades, I just cut him off and say
"Don't talk to me!"

It is sure nice to get away for OKC again when one is dealing with anger. I have found that when I'm irritated it's best to go get a cup of coffee, get some fresh air and take a deep breath. I am very happy about many things and won't let others spoil my happiness.

It is so wonderful to be with that special someone again and share in the happiness. I did not realize how much I missed her and see everything that she can give to the world. I am so lucky that I met her.

It was great visiting Schwagstock It was a wonderful weekend of wonderful folks. I sense that folks are getting very tired of Bush and there will be a peaceful revolution against how the government is taking away more rights under the guise of the patriot act and right wing Christians that don't want folks to have freedom.

I was doing a lot of filming of the music, the nomadic culture of the wonderful people and spirit that generally lets others be.
Muffy was a little peeved that I was honest about my harmless flirtations and feels that they would not have been harmless if there was any interest. Maybe or maybe not??

I am excited about a new future. I had a great phone call to appease any anxietylI know that there are still very judgemental folks (so I won't even go into it) that still read this site and are either jealous or have no life. I worry about giving too much information even though this site is fictitious so the characters wont trie to sue.

Muffy and I went to the library and she got a book about ADD in the workplace . I think it helps both of us realize more about my disability. I loved treating her to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant in Westport while we both read the book. I spilled my Miso soup on her and this was the first time that she wasnt mad at me for one of these ADD moments perhaps because it was while we were both laughing about ADD. It made me love her that much more.
She is much more at peace with herself while she gets healthier.

I was checking out this site . So called Christian Republican folks love to visit the site and harass. They remind me of the hypocricy of others that will feel better only when they make others unhappy.

Great day with Muffy up till she saw what I filmed on the sidewalks of Vegas. Unfortunately, my liberties with the camera have set her off. I love her and we have had the most fantastic time and she is so excited about my future. I have been honest about my flirting with her but perhaps the camera was too obvious where my eyes go as far as enjoying aesthetically pleasing people.

I think it is only natural for us to see things the way they are and look for ways that we can really enjoy life. I am learning how short a time we have and I'm trying to enjoy the moment better.
Muffy will go out and flirt and tease all the males of the KC population while I stay at home with Buffy and enjoy the evening with 2 large St. Pauli beers and herbs. She will watch this band whose one member has big feet. Her sister noticed his large feet too. She wants me to be lonely tonight and suffer.

Buffy was just let inside by her and she scared me when she ran upstairs but then I felt so much better when I knew that I wasn't alone. I am a survivor and enjoy that aspect that I will survive on my own if I have to.

Saturday 1am
It is so nice to be back in the saddle with Muffy. I am excited about another turn in the career. I don't have the usual trepidations about the mundanity of going back to work because of the fact that it is in a new land immersed in a totally different culture. This will be the perfect place to grow and self actualize as a person. I can take the steps to get all my transcripts along with the many school districts for verification of where I work. I feel that I am making more steps to fulfilling myself. I will be back into the regularity and consistency of work while time still accelerates towards the inevitability but I have hope that I will fill up my life's DVD with even more exciting adventures while I stay young for as long as possible.
Now I have to think about renting my house but not make the same mistakes that I made before because I thought that I could trust people.
Muffy is going through a great deal of torture with her children. I think her new found freedom will give her the liberty to find herself through school. I am happy that she has a network of friends and family along with me to help her through all of this.

I hate that one of those TFA snots is right next door to me in the other portable.
It's hard enough dealing with emotionally disturbed kids to not deal with a 22 year old kid that thinks he's a great teacher and criticizes old folks that aren't mature. ( We had that conversation because he thought that James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan was a pedophile. There was no proof or evidence. These kind of accusations remind me of the folks that live on labeling people. It reminds me of of folks like Mcarthy who ruined the careers of celebrities by calling folks communists. I guess that I was so impressed with Johnny Depp's characterization of Barrie, that his blanket statement of Barrie bothered me. I googled Barrie and there was no evidence to confirm these rumors that have been carried on with his legend. I think of what a philanthropist that he was. All of the proceeds from the play are the main source of income for this hospital in London!)

He apparently thinks he's a great teacher. I almost envy the way a spoiled fat ass has learned how to get his way. He has a permanent scowl on his face like the principal . Maybe that's why he seem's to be one of her favorites. He's always in the office with the new sped director seeming to be kicking back and chilling. I attempted to have that rapport with her but I don't think that it will ever happen. When I say hello to her like I used to greet him, she never smiles either.
Mr. Thomas from Wewoka was one of the few principals that I could relax with and really feel that I could ask him anything.


  1. Slots-o-War Profits

    proud american: Your a f***ing idiot. Wake up.
    I am looking but...: I cant seem to find a liberal that isnt an elitist assjockey or a smelly hippy! and those lesbians with their glasses and cargo pants, man that is hot....if I was a bull dyke! TDF! liberals are gay!
    I am looking but...: I cant seem to find proof of a stolen election. Twice!
    I am looking but...: I cant seem to find the Downing Street memos.
    I am looking but...: I cant seem to find jihad cindy anywhere?
    I am looking but...: I cant seem to find "palistine" on a map?
    Steve Wilson: 101. I see. So, do you disagree with the truth of the quotes I posted, or do you just think you're too good for CNN/Gallup/USA Today?
    grammar101_: thats why I listen to air matress america
    Jules: Now Im going to make fun of Steve Wilson's collection!
    Jules: sixth grade reading is too difficult for my small warped brainwashed brain!
    grammar101_: big bright pictures and easy to understand words
    grammar101_: USA today is written for the 6th grade reading level...guess that is why it is so popular
    Steve Wilson: "Bush repeated Wednesday that U.S. troops will leave only when Iraqis are capable of providing for their own security." I thought the president worked for the citizenry of the US. Most of the citizenry wants us out. He doesn't. He wins?
    Steve Wilson: "A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll in late September found that 59 percent of people surveyed considered the 2003 invasion a mistake, 63 percent said they wanted to see some or all U.S. troops withdrawn, and only 32 percent approved of Bush's handling of the conflict."
    Steve Wilson: "Though the 9/11 commission found no operational relationship between al Qaeda and Iraq before the 2003 invasion that toppled Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, critics say the insurgency against U.S. troops that followed Saddam's overthrow has drawn terrorists into Iraq to fight Americans."
    grammar101_: me three!!
    socalledkristian: I guess I am a phucktard also then...sorry guys
    grammar101: cant you spell??
    Hovelcustodian_: but I like my phucktard *Jules
    Jules: that is because you are a phucktard
    *Jules: Nobody pays attention to me!
    *Jules: I want to even lick the custodian!
    Hovelcustodian_: We love George. He is a great president!
    *Jules: I want to evev lick the custodian!
    Hovelcustodian_: and i am so mad I am going to beat my wife
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